Best sport sedan to lease $500-$600 pretax

Hi hackers. I’ll be in the market Soon and wanted to hear the best sport sedan to lease under $600 (prob up to $650 w/tax) ideally <2000 out of pocket. I love the S4 and the C43 but not sure if I’ll be able to reach without going over budget.

Any interesting suggestions? This is informational to me only, and I am truly open, if you have a good sport SUV or Coupe in mind shoot. :slight_smile: ( I do 15K miles/yr btw)

Thanks so much and hope you had a happy new year.

Are you a brand snob? Best sports sedan is a Stinger or G70. Less reliable best sedan is Giulia.

Dodge Hellcat, BMW 340i, and possibly a 2018 corvette if that would be your thing

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100% Corvette but he asked for Sedans.

I can get base corvettes under $600 w first down in New England (they ship anywhere)

All come w sport exhaust

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He said he saw open to coupes, but I’m assuming they’d have to have back seats. What about a 1SS or 2SS Camaro? The 2019s have a nice interior

Thank you all for the great recs!

I do love 2-seaters/doors cars but I due to my lifestyle these could be unpractical every now and then specifically the 2 seaters. Anyways I’ll check the Corvette. My budget is not really fixed I could go a little north the $650, but ideally would like to be at ~600 pretax

Regarding brand. am not a brand-nut. I’ve mostly had BMW, Audi and Merc, but now looking forward to expand horizons!

Do hellcats lease for ~600? Wow that’s too much HP for the money lol. I’ll check these out. 340 I love it, have driven it and it is brilliant, the thing is that just a little cheaper than S4, and to be honest i would be willing to pay a little more for the quad-exhaust, sport seats and Carbon interior (and probably the AWD as most 340 aren’t xDrive in SoFlo)

Since you have time, look for lease transfers (Bmw and Mb are usually the most efficient to swap).


I can’t find a hellcat under 600 but MacMulkin Chevy in NH has multiple Vettes under 600 w first payment due.


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I had quotes on a 2018 under $600 with first months and acquisition down. A Velar might be a hassle to try to get sub $650, but that would definitely be worth it.

Bostoncarconcierge, what do Z06’s (LT1 / Auto) and hellcats go for roughly.?

With minimal options you could score a charger hellcat for around $600 but keep in mind the insurance cost will be a lot higher due to the nature of the car, they actually advertise a lower hp than what it dyno’s for insurance and obviously marketing purposes, then you have to figure for gas ( I average about 12 mpg), and finally if you live where it snows or if you have a lot of rain in the summer the hellcat has major problems in the winter if you’re not extremely careful, with all that being said I would put my vote toward the hellcat, its the most exhilarating car thats not in the low to mid 6 figure range (aka lambo’s, mclarens,etc) lots of bang for the buck.

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How far under $600? :stuck_out_tongue: and mileage?

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You can absolutely be under $650 with tax on a C43 sedan. No problem.

You can take over a lease for that price point and get some nice stuff.

My car is a great example:

But there’s a bunch of others like it you could check out:

Here’s a great deal for a corvette:

Did a 36/10 last month for 536 w first payment

Included GM lease loyalty

If you search LH it’ll show up

There’s a thread on LH devoted to Hellcats

I’ve only found 1% deals on Hellcats in MA but others have done better elsewhere.

Haven’t done a z06 lease yet so I’d be guessing

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Stinger GT2 is probably your best/safest bet. Definitely not for the badge snobs. I leased one, killer ride