Kia Optima EX Hybrid - Good deal?

sorry, but they don’t stack (or that car wouldn’t be available)

purchase: either the 2000 or the 2500 depending on what financing you use (plus discount from msrp)

lease: the lease cash only (plus the discount from msrp)

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Nice! where are you located? low residual and high MF seem to make hard to get a good deal…

Thanks. So initially I guess we can go from an MSRP of $36,395 down to $29,015 just by using the KIA lease cash for a 24 month lease. At the money factor of 0.00223, I’m still looking at $935 drive off and $448 monthly payment which, in my opinion, seems to be high for a Kia.

What should I be aiming for in terms of further MSRP discount to bring this down even further?

As I said in my first post, I had gotten $750 drive off and monthly payments of $356 (tax included) for 36 months. I could live with those numbers if they were for a 24 month lease (which is what I want), but I’m not sure I want to pay this for 36 months for this car.

Is my expectation crazy/unreasonable or should I keep working on this until I find a dealer that likes these numbers (750 drive off, 356/mo, 24 mo, 10K per yr)?

Hey Jay. I’m in Los Angeles.

Why not look at a 36 month. RV isn’t drastically different. I would say at least shoot for 10% off

why this kia optima hybrid vs hyundai or other cars?
why only 24 months?
are they taxing the 7920? that hurts

my point is that there are very active brokers on this site from SoCal (Toyota, chevy, VW) but not Kia (unless i missed them). The new Accord Hybrid is also just starting to build inventory (but Honda lease terms still suck on the new Accords).

I have an issue with long-term commitment :smiley:

In all honesty, technology is evolving so fast in cars that I would like to refresh more often. I find that 2 years is the sweet spot for me, particularly because I can get out of the lease for less money if I ever need to or want to by just paying off what is owed. It is better to have a payment liability of 24 months or less than one of 36 months or less.

I checked out the Optima Hybrid EX and found it to feel of a more premium quality than the Sonata (I haven’t been in a Sonata Hybrid, but have been in a Sonata). Hyundai would work best for me as I would avoid the disposition fee of my current Santa Fe which is ending soon.

@Clemwald would you shoot for a 10% off even after the Lease Cash? So shoot for $26,114? If so, using this site’s calculator, I get a drive-off of $811 and 24 monthly payments of $324, including tax, for 10K per year. These are numbers that I can definitely live with and would sign.

Part of my problem is that I’m not very experienced in all this, so it is difficult for me to get a benchmark of what is reasonable for both parties vs totally crazy.

Acc. to the edmunds mod, Kia does not do 10k on 24 months (only on 36 or higher); did the KIA calculator let you choose that?

10% off msrp on that higher end model should be doable. MF is not favorable

I understand your commitment thing but 36 months is the sweet spot for most leases. Paying that 650 acq fee and 400 dispo fee every 2 years instead of 3 can add up. Not a problem if you’re loaded :smiley:

I’d also add, that for 350 to 400 a month, there are some more upmarket models available than an Optima hybrid.

You are correct. It will not let me do that. I can only do 12K. I can pay that difference.

So the 10% off MSRP does not include the incentive right? If MSRP is $36,395 I should try to get it down to $32,756 and then apply the $7,920 Lease Cash discount leaving me at $24,836?

@cheapdad00 Can you provide some examples of what upmarket models can be had in this payment range?

Thanks again everyone for schooling me on this. I’m learning quite a bit.

msrp - discount - lease cash + acq fee = net cap cost (tax and dmv are separate)

I assume a high tax rate?

from your edmunds link:
24/12 - .00223 and 50%; $7920 lease cash

These terms are not favorable for leasing.

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Here are a couple of threads on it:

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silly question: is this a 2018 model? there are still a few 2017s in your area and the incentives are juicy.

also, i went back and looked at your first post. That is actually a very good deal if it includes taxes. I can’t get the numbers to work out in the calc unless i lower the sell price to $31595 (before the LC)

Yes, it is10% off MSRP before rebates. And honestly some dealers maybe be aggressive in getting those 17s of the lot. Might even be able to start higher

It is a 2018, yes. I’ll have to look at the differences it has with the 2017 to see if I like it.

Indeed, the numbers I posted first included taxes. Only issue with it was the 36 months, but at this point it would seem that it might be my only option to get a lower payment.

I’m in Ohio, but can let you know how my deal works out (if at all) tomorrow

Please do. Very much looking forward to hearing it.

@cheapdad00 just tried a tlx (I4) and I don’t get a premium feel out of it. It almost felt like the 18 Accord sport could be superior to it in terms of feel. Is the tlx due for a refresh?

Optima Hybrid was new for 2017 (2016 for non hybrid). So 2018 and 2017 should be identical.
TLX was refreshed for 2018.

So, here are my findings. I went to another Kia dealer today and saw what they have. There’s a 17 OH that they really, really, really, wanted me to take. I had gotten close to the numbers I posted in the thread opening.

As I was thinking about it, I got contacted by a broker on this site who says he can get me into one of these. I backed off and now I’m waiting to see what he can do. If he can do better, I’ll gladly pay his fee and get this over with.

Regarding the TLX, it is weird. I did not get anything from it. I know Acura is perceived as a luxury brand here in the US but to me, those brands (Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, etc.) don’t play in the same league as MB, BMW, Audi, etc.

I was surprised to feel that the TLX was inferior to the 1.5T Accord I had tried a few days ago. Cabin quiet levels were amazing on the TLX, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t pay more than I’d pay for a Civic or an EX Optima to be honest for one of them.

I still have my sights set on the Optima Hybrid, if I can get it at the right price, but the Accord Sport is a close second. Different beasts, for sure, but both of them have a great feel for me.