Best market for hacking

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Hi all…new to the forum, but in my short time here have noticed a number of comments re: tough markets to hack deals for BMWs. Seems Chicago, Long Island and Florida (SW?) are tough markets, whereas SoCal and NJ tend to be more deal-oriented. Consistent with your experience? Anyone with experience in western PA, eastern OH they’d care to share?

I suggest the Atlanta market. There are like 5 dealers in the area that’ll compete against each other, plus BMW dealers in Birmingham, Charlotte, Nashville, etc. I’d suggest going this route and doing a Performance Center delivery if you can. It’s worth it.

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Definitely interested in PCD, esp now that euro is gone. Thanks for the insight.

That’s super interesting that you mentioned the Atlanta market. I’m just about to embark on my Bimmer search next Tuesday.

Good luck, BC! Would love to hear how you fare. What are u in the market for?

I hear the deals in North Dakota are great this time of year.


Looking for some flavor of 3 series or x3, but will be pretty open to any sweet deal. How about you?

M340. Been dreaming about it nightly for the last month. Unfortunately don’t appear to be many of them in the ATL at the moment.

Perhaps they migrated to North Dakota. :wink:

Yeah there’s not a lot around here in addition to the surroundIng states. Been dreaming of that one as well :slight_smile:

Volvo, I have a dealer I wouldn’t work with due to geographic location but they’re pretty aggressive send me a PM and I’ll send you a number. I don’t get paid just try to help people.

BMW avoid BMW center of Cleveland they roll lease cash and finance into internet prices and aren’t that aggressive elsewhere.


I take that back. There are a few s-drive models. Mostly in white. But I’m looking for x-drives.

PM sent. Thanks.

I think @nextlevelautobrokers is taking orders for 2021 M340s @ 9% off MSRP, which is probably the best way to get the exact car that you want. Car gets there in 8-10 weeks. You could just ask for PCD since it’s a custom build. Not sure if he does that but it seems likely on a custom build. I managed to get a strong deal on an M4 & an X3M Comp through him.

Saw that last night as well. It’s enticing for sure. But then I’d miss out on driving myself (and my wife) nuts chasing deals for the next two months before she ultimately puts a pin in my little obsession. :rofl:

I’ve had good success there in the past, with relative ease.

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Just my experience dealing with a sales person. I had a lot of trouble getting an 2019 i3 from them in May. They said it wasn’t on the lot, it had updated photos the next day, yadda yadda.

But I’ll take your word for it, I have less experience with them than you, so it may be worth a shot.

I heard from many places the best deals are in Maine

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Seems Chicago, Long Island and Florida (SW?) are tough markets,

There can be decent deals in Florida, just be wary of the high dealer fees. TX isn’t great either because they tax the selling price of the vehicle, not just the monthly payment or lease total like most states.

I would say NYC Metro, DC Metro and CA are among the best places to get a good deal. It has to do with competition in part, I live in North NJ, and there are just so many dealerships are here. One time when I was in sales at a Toyota dealership, I counted and there were 75 other Toyota dealerships within a 100 mile radius…There were probably somewhere around 6 or so within a 20-25 minute drive.

I always SMH when I see people say LI is a tough place to get a good deal, like 80% of LI is within a 90 minute drive of NJ and other more aggressive dealerships, just spend the 2 hours driving and you can get a fantastic deal, just because you live on the island doesn’t mean you’re stuck out there. The dealerships out there do suck for the most part because they think they have a monopoly. Prove to them that they don’t and the deals will get much better much faster.

I can help out, M340 custom order 10% off, pickup in SC


Thanks for the offer, Quentin. I’ve been reading your reviews and scanning your offer sheets, but I’m still in the “getting the spouse on board” phase so I’m not ready to dive in just yet. Will definitely keep you in mind when I’m ready to take the plunge.