Best market for hacking

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Yeah, I was running some searches last night around DC and Philadelphia and couldn’t believe the number of dealers, particularly around Philly. Haven’t looked too hard at North Jersey, but I’m sure the numbers only go up the closer you get to the city. I’ve actually bought my last two Audi’s in the DC-Baltimore area and found the dealers there to be much more amenable to negotiation.

I’m in Cleveland and having a tough time of it too. Was comparing the AMG A35 vs. BMW M235 GC and couldn’t really get any sort of deal. The MB was asking crazy money (like $600/m with $6k DAS), the BMW (from BMW of Cleveland) was much more reasonable, but inventory is limited.

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Between low inventory and economic uncertainty, my search hasn’t gotten off the ground. Instead, I’m researching as much as possible so I can hit the ground running when I’m ready to make a move.

It may be that waiting is the best strategy. I don’t think it’s a bold prediction to say the economy isn’t going to be picking up any steam through year end. That’s probably bad news for a lot of folks, including people on this forum, but may also mean that there are deals available for those fortunate enough to be in the market.

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I hope this isn’t considered hijacking a thread but I will take a chance.

I was wondering best markets to hack an Audi. I had a good experience leasing an X3 out-of-state so want to try Custom ordering an Audi Q5.

Boo, hijacking! :wink:

Seriously though, no problem with this post. Would appreciate the insight myself.

Did you ever find a 235 gran coupe? What kind of offers did you get as I’m about to embark on hunting down a loaner 2020

That’s true. But when you have about 6 or 7 dealers within 30 mins of each other, you would think there would be some competition. Yet, they all suck, so you have to go to NJ where there’s probably more money but the dealers are competitive. I don’t get it.

California seems to be most represented in the ludicrously, outrageous, shocking deals, IMO. More than the higher population there would hint at.

Their perception is that LIers won’t travel to the mainland to get better deals.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

From what I’ve seen, there won’t be 6 or 7 dealerships of the same manufacturer in LI within 30 minutes.

Exactly. Most people don’t know/care enough to drive to NJ/PA/CT to get a deal and they’ll just “haggle” with their LI dealership.


What is LI ?

Long Island

What I have seen from personal experience is dealers outside of LI area not taking LI folks seriously.

Another point, Many of their initial quotes were so horrible that it was easier to deal with local dealers.

I think it’s more of where most activity happens on the forum. It will be coasts and specifically population centers. Deals can be had everywhere even Midwest. Challenge is you have to drive 60 miles to get to a second dealer and 120 miles to get to a 3rd. Denser areas have 10 deals in 20 miles so more competition, less time taken to haggle. In Colorado, I would just go our 2-3 hours to find my price.