Best Manual Compact Leases

I’m on the market for an inexpensive compact lease this Presidents’ Day weekend in NJ/PA and was wondering if anyone has any insight into manual leases. I’ve looked a bit for Chevy Cruze and Toyota Corolla/Yaris deals, but everything seems to advertise Automatic transmission. I get the sense that manuals lease higher even though the sale price can be ~$1k less due to a lower residual on the manual transmission. Does anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive manual compact cars that I may not be considering or any general advice for how to find deals on manual transmission leases?


Have you checked? I don’t recall seeing RV broken down by transmission before.

Jetta Manual is fairly commonly advertised in leases.

I’ve seen some cars get a different residual when Manual vs Auto. I think the F-type is one that has it broken down separately.

I’d say manuals usually lease better for “common” cars simply because they are harder for dealers to sell, so can usually get a lower selling price. However residuals might actually come in lower if they are accounting for transmission type.

When this is true, and leasing doesn’t work out well due to either residuals/MF or the fact that certain rebates are only for purchases, the other option is to buy the car. If you can get a good deal on the car itself and on the extended warranty, you’re looking at 6+ years of worry-free motoring for a lot less than 2 consecutive leases.

Sheridan Nissan has 3 new 2017 Nissan Versa advertised for $10,833 (MSRP 13,230)

Or a 2017 Hyundai Elantra for $4,000 off MSRP with a Financing Offer: $1,000 cash back and 0.0% APR for 48 months on select Hyundai Elantra models

A Civic or Jetta with a manual are going to be your best options.

I leased a '16 Jetta 1.4T manual and am extremely pleased with it.

Civics don’t lease very well compared to their competition but the Jetta could work for the OP.

Also check out this thread…unless the RV is way off, a Sentra S 6mt should lease for less than an SV:

Get a manual off of @loberant list of Minis if he posts them again. $99 a month for a manual mini can’t be beat!

Here is GTI S auto, but there are manuals also. There are caveats, though

Except 699 doc and 350 disposition + TTL make the true monthly more like 150 but still a potentially great deal if you can get one.

If you roll in all the costs, makes my Mini deal $150 a month, on a loaded $36k car that’s an absolute hoot to drive everyday. Already bought a small $300 tuner to make it even quicker, I’ll sell that off at the end of the year for $250 on the forums. I still think the Mini deals were fantastic. I don’t regret it at all.


That mini deal was fantastic for sure

Edited my post based on your comments

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That being said. If it was a base mini automatic, or a base manual jetta… I doubt I would have sprung for such a deal. Got it simply for the fun/$ ratio. It’s almost as fun to drive around town and on the way to work as my old Lotus Elise was, except I don’t have to worry so much about this mini as I did the Lotus. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice, everyone! So I think I’ve settled on a Mazda3. I know I can do better with a Sentra and slightly better with a Civic, but I prefer the Mazda. I’d also really prefer not to get a VW.

I would really appreciate if I could get some feedback on my current deal for a manual Sport Mazda3 with the Preferred Equipment Package… I’m working on getting the complete breakdown (sale price, MF, residuals, etc), but the gist is MSRP: $19,680 and a true sign-and-drive 36mo/12k mi lease for $230/month.

EDIT: Updated with specifics:
MSRP: $19,680
Sale Price (after discounts/incentives): $16,835
MF: 0.00003
Residual: 53%

You should get what you prefer.

MF is almost zero so the only place to find savings is the sale price. I don’t know the market so can’t say how much, if any, room there is. Maybe shop it around?