Best Luxury SUV 600-800 range

I have found really cheap cars(chevy cruze), really crazy cars(hellcat), entry level luxury (infiniti qx30), or something out of my price range (maybach) on this site, but I was wondering about something a little more suited to my lifestyle. My ideal car would be a Range Rover HSE Dynamic 2017, but I doubt I could get that in my price range. So my question is what would be the best suv in the 600-800 range. My max would be about 850. I don’t want anything too big, so no Escalades, Qx80s etc. What I like, X5 50i, Range Rover Sport, Porsche Macan Gts/s, Porsche Cayenne S, or anything else similar.

Almost definitely an X5 5.0. Where are you located?

NY, I am also open to looking at a lease on a demo, forgot to mention that im trying to avoid anything with a Mercedes badge.[quote=“Electrifi38, post:2, topic:10239, full:true”]
Almost definitely an X5 5.0. Where are you located?

What do you think I could get this at? I would want something with an msrp of 82-84. My dealer is saying 900 range.

A 67K Mercedes GLE 350 4matic can be had for under $650.

I have a ML350 and have had nothing but problems, looking to steer away from any Mercedes built in America

Oops didn’t read you where avoiding the Mercedes. I’m sure you can get a loaded BMW X5 xdrive for your budget. You can also get a loaded X3 for mid 5s.

That would be my last resort as I want something with a little more road presence, but I’ve driven an X3 35i and loved it.

I’m in the same boat as you as I can’t decide what I want. I just extended the lease for two months on my X3 3.5. Overall I have been happy with it but the seats aren’t that comfortable for long commutes. Definitely get the sport seats or M sport package on any BMW you decide on.

Exactly what I was thinking, but I want the Range Rover Sport.

Life is short… get what makes you happy. Unfortunately with 3 kids in college I’m on a budget so I’m looking for a deal. I have driven every SUV on the market and I’m leaning towards another BMW.

One kid going in private school on his way to college, he wants to take this to college, I will let him take it in a year and a half from now, so I don’t want to shell out a lot of money as I will only have it for just over a year.

Where are you located?

California… Los Angeles

Almost got the Range Rover sport before finding this website … just couldn’t justify the payments. Most of my friends have it but they are such bad leases and bad purchases :frowning:

In the same boat. Moving to Los Angeles from New York and need a car. I narrowed down my search to X5 (MSRP $65K), Jaguar F-Pace S (MSRP $64) and fully loaded Dodge Durango R/T (MSRP $44K). Looking for a 36-month lease with 12,000 miles ($0 down, obviously). Here’s what I am finding so far:

  1. Jaguar F-Pace must have a really shitty residual. With a money factor of next to nothing (i.e. 0.0001), the lease still comes out to about $820 through a leasing company and over $1K from the dealer (Rusnak Jaguar).

  2. X5 sDrive35i with M Sport Package, Apple CarPlay, Harman Kardon, Rear view camera and BMW M Performance Black Kidney Grilles is coming out to be $880 so far, but I just started looking. My goal is to get the payment to mid $600s range. Is this possible?

  3. Have not contacted ant Dodge dealers yet, but can’t imagine residual being high on Durango R/T. Plus if I go this route, might as well wait for the SRT trim.

What do you guys think? I have been a BMW fanatic all my life, so I am leaning towards the X5. Is it realistic to lease this car in mid $600s?

Try a Grand Cherokee, V8. Higher residual than Durango and same car. Also, RT fully loaded is more closer to 50k MSRP.

An X5 3.5 with an msrp of $65k is probably around $750/month unless you’ve got Corp fleet at least.

Maybe the X5 40e? Less than $700/mo but they are not running the $5k promo

That engine is lackluster at best

@nyclife What car are you referring to?