Best leasing small SUV ?- with AEB (collision mitigation) / BLiS / AWD / Heated seats



Best Leasing Small SUV ? for the fiance…
Any insight on Best value, discount off msrp / mf / resid. or bang for buck?
Thinking to stick in the 300-400/month - ish range with 2500 down
I realize some cash incentives will be regional.

Suburbs outside Detroit Metro area (Novi)
15k miles per year, 2 or 3 year lease
Must have:
AEB auto emerg. braking (collision mitigation)
AWD / Heated seats

Looking for a car like driving size - similar to Mazda CX-5 can be slightly larger, not much smaller

Thinking to avoid CVT, and any rough riding vehicles (i.e. Subaru) for Detroit potholes.
Any brands with extra service are a plus (oil change pick-up etc).

I know which cars fit, but I don’t know which cars lease best with the features needed.
Thinking to avoid Honda CR-V from looks (and heard Honda’s don’t lease well).
Rogue has a CRV but if the deal is too good to pass up I might consider it.
I don’t think the Lincoln MKC offers AEB yet.

Thanks for any insight., or any contacts in the area.


2019 Forester Touring got every safety feature. Not rough riding, by any means and I don’t think your fiance can really tell CVT from no CVT.


Thanks, I have seen that Subaru, Honda, Nissan Rogue, seem to come with alot of safety features by default or in common packages. I’m trying to avoid the CVT and some Subaru’s I have ridden in don’t seem to handle the Michigan potholes too well (rough riding). Maybe I should reconsider and drive the latest vehicles again, I love the idea of a flat-six (outback), and the AWD capability, I’m not a fan of the looks but the Touring is better than the standard, and wish it wan’t tied to a CVT.


Subaru will handle potholes better than others, even if rougher :slightly_smiling_face:


Take a look at Qx50.


By the time I option most vehicles out with the features needed, It seems a premium vehicles lease just as good on first look. I was looking at the qx already, cvt but I think it is working pretty well on the qx50. Thanks, I will be investigating quotes on that one I think it is worth a try.


Lease the crappiest and cheapest car you can. If she doesn’t complain, marry that woman.


Just my two cents - when I was shopping for a small SUV, I found kind of the opposite of this statement. A base model premium vehicle (ie X1, etc.) with very few features was coming out around the same price, if not more, than an extremely well-optioned Mazda or Subaru, for example. Of course, there’s been plenty of deals on this site that take advantage of the dealership discounts and incentives to get killer deals on premium vehicles.


In October I picked up a 2018 toyota rav4 le awd, 36/15 with $700 extra wear and tear, for $249 month, first month due at signing in upstate NY. The LE model does not have heated seats, but I’m sure one of the higher trim levels do. The base LE does come with all of the safety features, but the lane keep assist can be annoying with its beeping, but it can be turned off or on easily. This is the 3rd rav4 I have leased and they handle my rough, steep dirt road surprisingly well, whether it’s snow, ice or mud.


In October I shopped the rav4 against the chevy equinox. I think the chevy would have been a little less money, but I still preferred the Toyota.


@ HaimBondx … Hahahaha :laughing:… I’m being overly critical on her behalf she is going to love almost anything I buy. She is a great woman… Putting a Colombian girl on Michigan slipper roads requires a few countermeasures for the learning curve :smiley:


Thanks Jamie…Yes, that is what I was trying to say… thanks for the insight… it seems sticking with the more mainstream trim gets a better lease deal which means I higher model to have the features as default. Not that I mind a little luxury if it is a good value on the lease pmt.


Thanks Burg I’m going to see how she likes the size of the Rav4 and looks. What a deal at $249/month… worth a look and like the Lexus Nx200 also…but thinking it would lease much higher. I am guessing both would be fairly low frequency on dealer service and that is a huge plus.


That’s cool, congrats. Got any more of those nice Colombian women laying around? Willing to move to Michigan.


Just move to Colombia.


Any jobs available for a guy who likes driving long distance, live on the edge, and party?


I’m sure there are. A mule?


I’m in this exact same boat right now for my daughter. Looking for a max $30k SUV with the relevant safety features. Subaru came to top of list but (1) daughter thinks they are hideous and (2) they lease horribly. I’m here in Texas and have only leased premium cars and always get tax credits, which means no sales tax. I’ve researched every single small SUV for leasing - CX5, Tucson, Terrain, Tiguan, etc. and none of them can compete with the quote I am getting for a $41k NX300. I’m still haggling with one dealer on the Tiguan (because daughter would really prefer to avoid Lexus), but if I can’t get the Tiguan, its gonna be a Lexus at around $315/mo, 36/12 with MSD. Tiguan is also offering tax credits, so will see.


LOL, but true for #1; not true for #2
Tiguan leases much worse than Forester.


Surely the answer is in the OP? - CX5?