Best leasing small SUV ?- with AEB (collision mitigation) / BLiS / AWD / Heated seats



Long gone the times when first car was a beater to handle all learning mistakes being new driver:)


easier to move to Colombia Haimbond… but you will be glad you did!


wow Scott, didn’t realize you could get into an nx300 that low that is a deal! Definately high on the list for quotation locally. Thanks!


I have kids here. Plus don’t like the heat.


Rumor has it the Cocaine is good though, which should appeal to someone who lives on the edge + parties


Get the Subaru and avoid the potholes.


Look at the Infiniti QX50. Has all features you mention, as far as I know, and a beautiful car. Probably a slight premium to the other vehicles you mention MSRP wise, but they lease extremely well.


what are you getting on the NX?


2019 Nx 300h w MSRP of $41,807 and 9 security deposits. $315/mo. $1100 drive off, including 1st month. 10.3 leasehackr score.


If you consider the Subaru Forester ride too rough, get an Outback. You may even find better deals on a Outback Premium, since the new Forester just came out for 2019.
At least this is how I compare the rides between a Forester and a Legacy.


What did you end up with for your daughter? I’m in the exact same boat (and also in Texas).


In Mi I ended up with a Qx50, about $403/month 15k / year, loaded, 1500 mandatory DAS, put 1k extra. Got the Infiniti version of the employee discount in the form of a rebate (VPP program) got 6800 off the msrp of 50,230. all in all very happy with the deal based on the tax and incentives Mi is eligible for. NJ and TX seem to get some better deals. I was looking into the Lexus but it was going to be a bit more expensive pmt and with a large sec. deposit to get the best MF, and for a smaller vehicle. All in all very happy with all of the safety features on the Infiniti. Easy to drive for the ladies, and the CVT works much better. The new variable comp. motor does require premium fuel if that is a tipping point for you.