Best Lease Deal + Cheapest Car to Insure

Hey ya’ll

I am really struggling. The more I research the more I am confused.

My wife and I live in NYC and we are just looking to lease a great deal on a car that is also cheap to insure.

So far, I see Mazda CX-5 (Not so good residual) and Hyundai Elantra ( not awd for snow).

Any help is greatly appreciated.


You know that new cars are not cheap to insure, so I’m not sure what you mean.

NEW = High insurance
AWD = Extra insurance
SUV = Extra insurance

In the Toyota World for cheaper lease costs maybe a AWD Highlander or Prius? The Prius would be cheaper to insure but it’s a lot smaller car.

Ummm, no? Just no.

Subaru Impreza

Insurance is very complex, and I’ve never seen AWD insurance cost more than FWD Or RWD. My AWD V60CC is AWD and more expensive MSRP wise than my FWD S60 was, and the insurance cost was less.

You really need to specify what it is that you require before even remotely being offered advice. You first said good lease deal with cheap insurance, then you threw AWD into the mix…what else??

Insurance is only something that you can determine on your own, as there are too many factors unknown to most on here.

Ok I will agree that Insurance is extremely complex. And yes you can find cases where it does work out better for an SUV and a Sedan model.

Did you look in the Marketplace to see what deals are available there?

First time owning/leasing a car in awhile? Haven’t had continuous auto insurance? Well… expect to pay. Shop around, everyone’s auto insurance situation is unique and you won’t know till you start looking and comparing

And you live (garaging address) in NYC? Ouch…

You really need AWD for 25" of snow per year, and when it does snow a lot nobody can go anywhere anyway?

Nobody can possibly tell you what your insurance cost is. You need to do the work to get quotes.

You posted almost the exact same thing in September…

Yesterday you’re looking at a CX5 with 15k miles…

So what exactly is your goal and what do you want?

This reads more and more like a “Wanted” ad.

So like I said look through the Marketplace section. You might find the absolute cheapest lease you can get is $X. You might also find you can get a whole lot more features for $Y more per month. Which is “best”? You decide.

The second question (which car will cost the least to insure for you) is practically impossible for anyone else to answer. But try asking some insurance brokers.