Best foam/no-rinse car wash

Curious what any DIYers use for keeping your cars clean. I typically take the car to a self-service place but figured I might as well make use of a driveway and hose (staying at parents house) while the weather is warming up.

Yes, I could just Google it but wanted some real answers as well :slight_smile:

I usually go with some of the Optimum products. I like this as a soap/wax combo for a quick go to


For a leased car…A garden hose in the driveway works well.

For a dusty car just spray off the dust and wipe it down.

If it’s really dirty then break out a mild detergent like turtle-wax car soap (or any other brand) with a big sponge. Then spray off the soap and wipe it down


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Without some sort of soap to encapsulate the dust, you’re basically just rubbing abrasives all over the paint doing this.

Also, with a good no-rinse solution and starting with a not filthy car, there’s no need to even bust out the hose. You can do the whole job with nothing more than two buckets, the right soap, a wash rag, and a drying towel.


I often use sandpaper as my drying towel. Is that a bad idea?


The hose water takes care of most of the dust. But I take your point.

Still the spray and wipe method works too well and pretty much nobody notices (or cares) about the lease return paint very minor imperfections.

This assumes that you’re washing the car for the condition at lease return and not because you prefer to drive a car that is clean and looks good.


To answer your question, @TheCarpenter, I’d try this. I haven’t used a no rinse from Chemical Guys, but all the other products I’ve used from them have been pretty good as well.


Thanks for the quick replies. I am going to order a few different things. Chemical guys + some Optimum no-rinse. Whatever I don’t end up taking with me when we leave my dad can use on their cars.

The self-service place I’ve been going to must have no filter when recycling the water since it leaves a pretty awful residue…

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can we get one of these threads for toilet paper? I would like to know if 1 ply vs 2 ply scratches the clearcoat on my bottom.

baby wipe + 2 ply…

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Just use a hose to rinse off the dust


I just picked up Chemical Guys Extreme Wash & Wax. I will report back when I try it tomorrow.

Nice! I just placed my order and likely went overboard, but it will keep me busy on the weekends.

No scratch wash kit + foam gun thing + wheel brush.

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Last time I bought this bottle, the liquid was teal color. I guess it only serves a tinting purpose.

Nope, this one is the “wash and wax”. The teal is the “wash and shine”.

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I second the Optimum No Rinse Car Wash. I lease my car, but I still had it ceramic coated and treat it like I own it. I don’t understand the attitude that if it’s leased, you shouldn’t take good care of it or just good enough care to pass a lease return inspection.

Hmm, I could swear in the instructions of the first one I ever bought, it said it could also be used to wax, just have to use larger quantity.

It has some element of shine/protection in it, but the new green one works better. I used to wash and then wax, but using this stuff is stupid easy.

On a lease, I’ll usually start by washing and then using opti-coat hyper coat once every 6 months or so rather than a ceramic coating. Holds up quite well and is a lot cheaper/less work for something I’m not keeping long term.

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Once you go pressure washer and foam cannon you never go back.