Best Deals from Audi in Southern California

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Warmest welcome! A word of advice Please list out some sample deals. Thanks! :red_gift_envelope:


Thanks for the advice Alex. I am working on a list trying to post one soon. If there are any specific inquires just contact my cell directly at 310-722-2077.


Best of luck, sir. We need some better Audi possibilities around here!


It’d be nice to see decent sportback deals!


I’m quietly hoping for an SQ5 at $500 with $500 DAS!


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Make that two SQ5s at $500 please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


haha! if that ever happens, half the members of this website would be signing on the dotted line. Myself included!

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I don’t even need another car but count me in for this as well!

TIL this is where middle aged men write letters to Santa


Count me in. Wouldn’t mind any S or RS

I’d think a leasehackr deal is more than possible with good dealer discount, incentives, MSD, loyalty.

(Let’s enjoy this while we can until Ryan gets back and brings us back to reality)

An A4 and A6 sample will be very helpful I think, Ryan! Plenty of Audi fans on here myself included.

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They can up the budget to $600/month and at the right time of year, with MSD, hit that target on a lightly equipped unit.

That’s hilarioius!! I’ll go in with you on that and a dealer can unload 2 of 'em at one time.

@ryanarora : Now your turn to deliver something, post some deals:heart_eyes:

subscribe, just in case any good deals actually turn up…

Looking for 2019 A4 - premium plus (sport package)
White, 10K/36 term, MSD down if possible!

What rebates/incentives off MSRP are available? Please post the MF as well.

I Just got my A6 s-line with 20 inch wheels. 15K miles per year for 3 years. Total pay for 3 years including tax and every thing is $17880 people talk about monthly payments but I only talk about the sum of what I pay during 3 years. This also include the maintenance (oil change ) for 3 years. Tell me this is a bad deal.

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Can’t evaluate the deal just by that.
What is the Msrp, RV, MF, Sells price before incentives?
Drive offs, cap cost reduction?

What’s included in the $17,880?
Did you pay the 3-year lease all at once?

He never came back. :rofl: