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My name is Justin Sutton and I work for Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie. I wanted to start by thanking the Lease Hackr community for making me salesman of the month again. Last month I delivered 17 Alfa Romeos to 9 different states! People drove in, they flew in, heck even one guy showed up in a Limo. I am so thankful for the opportunities this website has allowed me to take advantage of. I also want to apologize to those who reached out to me and I didn’t have a car to quote them on. My inventory is low due to an unexpected rush from Lease Hackr.

Here is what I am proposing this month. I am willing to give anyone a blowout deal on my entire remaining inventory. Simply text, call, or email me at Please be sure to let me know what lease terms you will need along with any additional rebates you may qualify for like true car, or maybe an Affiliate rebate from your employer. Please be sure to list your full address with zip-code so I can hunt for additional rebates. My quotes are real and all will include your tax, fees, and first month’s payment (no bait and switch here).

Thanks again to everyone in this fantastic community. My promise is to be a straight shooter and to never waste anyone’s time. I am an Alfa Owner, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing brand.



Justin is awesome, super responsive, straightforward and will get you the best quote for sure. Thanks man!

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I got my giulia from justin. He was $3k cheaper than anyone else i shopped with. Best part is he has a true $0 DAS no BS. He even drove 90 mins to pick me up from a rest stop along a hwy somewhere in middle of PA.


Will definitely reach to Justin next summer as my current lease expires 9/4/19. Hopefully Alfa will make regular seats a bit longer by then :slight_smile:


Also, if you’re getting an alfa, google “Chrysler incentives truecar”, the coupon code gave me another $500 off my deal.
Justin’s price was $2000 cheaper than anyone else in the philly area, and the coupon code is basically paying for my shipping.
Also, if you’re turning in a Chrysler, dodge, Jeep lease they waive your dispo fee and give you $250 off damage. Alfa is owned by Chrysler.

Link to the extra $500 incentive


Sounds like you’re getting great feedback from the community here. I’ll keep you in mind once it gets closer to the end of my lease in October, I really like the Giulia and from what I’ve read here leases very well.


If anyone has sent me a request for a quote, please know I was out all day yesterday and I will be responding in the order received. I had over 30 people reach out in 24 hours. Thanks for your patience everyone

That’s really helpful, thanks for sharing

@Justin_Sutton are there any other incentives or things like that people could sign up for like that to add to the deal?

True car has been very popular and I know Alfa FINALLY is giving loyalty to FCA customers. If you have a Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Fiat, or Ram registered in the household you could qualify for an additional rebate ($500) I believe.

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Hi Justin, would it be possible to lease with you from Texas? Thanks!

I can attest to Justin being very helpful. Provided me a quote so compelling, I almost had him ship the car to California! They just need some RWD stock (instead of AWD). Congrats on salesman of the month Justin!

Sent an email. Interested

Justin is awesome. I found a slightly better lease deal on my Stelvio from another dealer, but he was close, and he worked his butt off for me. Very honest and straight forward and pulls out all the stops to try and make a deal work for you. I live in Florida and he was willing to handle all of the shipping details for me. Great guy.

Any 4C deals around?

@Justin_sutton … email sent…

interested in a Stelvio awd

Car was delivered to my overjoyed customer on time, in pristine condition, at the right price. Unbelievable job by @Justin_Sutton. Looking forward to working with you again asap!

Thanks for the link.

I’m curious why it states $1000, but after you go through the process of registering (which means giving your phone number to local Alfa dealers), it changes to $500. I’ll be reaching out to truecar customer service once I get the code in my email.

Yes i noticed it as wll yesterday

Justin any 4c lease deals?