Best 3rd Row Vehicle to Lease for 3 Years and Then Buyout?

Hello all. I was wondering the best 3rd row SUV or Minivan to lease and then buyout. I live in TX, Houston to be precise. I have eyed a lot of possible contenders, definitely ones with value, such as the Palisade. I have also heard about the Highlander. According to all the leases I put into the lease calculator, it says a 2021 Durango Citadel would be the best option (48K Msrp, 46K Selling Price, 285/mo + taxes, 2.5K DAS, 36/12K), which I believe is very incorrect. I wanted to ask someone’s opinion before I pull the trigger. Thank you.

This just sounds like a roundabout way to spend too much money. Just buy the car you like most.

Doesnt TX charge sales tax on lease start and buyout? Why pay the acq fee etc for no reason if you are planning to buy it out.


Yeah honestly, why pay the fees, just buy the car straight. Especially if it’ll be one that will hold value.


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That sounds incorrect. Did you update all values including RV, MF and incentives for each model?

Full tax on the sales price at the start of the lease and again at the buy out. I suppose if you found a rare deal where the lease had way more incentives than the purchase and you got tax credits this could make some sense, but I don’t believe that vehicle currently exists.

Just buy a vehicle with really good resale value.

Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, etc. Durango is not known to hold their value over time.

Palisade has been holding its value quite well. Just sold my 17 month old one for what I paid new.


Forgot about that one along with the Telluride. Great warranty as well.

Also, since we’re talking best 3 rows to potentially buy, may I suggest a radical departure from the suv line up

It’s basically a palisade/telluride in van trim, which always seem to hold their value remarkably well. It’s a terrible lease currently, but probably worthy of a look for a purchase.


But this is an insane market for most anything right now. Do you expect it to be true 3 years from now? I don’t follow Hyundai resale values, but do they historically hold their values overtime?

My previous Hyundai lease years ago held its value quite well. The rv on the 3 year lease on my palisade was in the low 60%s, which is quite high compared to the competition. So my expectation would be that it would hold well. I wouldn’t normally expect it to be worth more than one paid for it after a year and a half… that’s definitely oddness with the current market.

I like the Sienna over the Carnival - mainly because your get hybrid and optional AWD

The powertrain stuff is definitely nice with the Sienna, but man does the rest of the package with the carnival kill it.

As long as you opt for the SX Prestige but then you’re already in Palisade Limited territory (which I think it a nicer overall car)

Even the EX trim is really nice