Benedetto Volvo in Florida - October sheet in post!


Sheet will be in a new format in the coming days.

Looks blank :frowning:

As posted, will be up today.


Awesome looking numbers. Could you give me updated numbers for 36/15 on an XC90 T5 Momentum. How much are the MSD’s and how many are allowed? Thanks.

Interested in XC60 options, looking to use maximum allowed MSDs.

Still working on sheet - I appreciate the patience.

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Crossed out numbers means they are gone?

Is available - sheet is formatted wrong. I haven’t finished it but posted pricing is accurate.

Is this a 2020? S60 T6 Mom 47 $374 $340 36/10 $1,500

No - it’s a 2019

All pricing posted is accurate - working on filling in options today

Link mentions a loaner 19 xc90 T5R. Is that still avail?

Hey do you still have the s60 deal?

Hello. Is the 2020 XC90 T5 R Design available?. Can you please share the price with 12K and 15K miles an year.

Do the numbers include any Volvo loyalty discount or conquest? Thank you!

I’m interested in the XC60 T8 r-design without Bowers. Is it still available? And do you have it in any other colors? I’m a current Volvo lessee would lease loyalty qualify and lower the payment? Also I have A plan available if that is stackable. Thank you

Sorry if this a dumb question but in the spreadsheet, under programs, what do these numbers (in cell M42 for eample), mean: 46/45/43?

They are the residuals for 10k, 12k ,15k miles.

Thank you!

hello: I’m interested in a 2019 or 2020 XC60 (whichever year has more incentives by Volvo). I do have 3 color choices and need a 3 year lease with 12K per year. 941-724-9722 thanks.