Benedetto the Broker; Operate in all of the lower 48 states



Had a great experience with Ben. I set up an appointment using his system for Thursday morning and he called about 10 minutes early ready to learn about what I was looking for. Although I am familiar with leasing, we went through all of it and talked about the market. I gave him a list of features and specs I was looking for and what I was looking for in a price range. He started working on it and let me know 2018 and 2019 prices and incentives are pretty similar so we should shoot for a 2019. The next day I found the exact car I wanted in terms of features, color, engine etc. and I sent over the stock number to him. So he now had a target and about 2 hours he secured the car and came in on budget.

This was a bit complicated as it was at another dealership than the one he works with so they had to do a transfer. Then I live 3 hours away so he arranged for the car to be dropped off at our house. On Saturday sure enough the car was dropped off, I signed the paperwork (which had exactly what Ben had told me it would be, no extra fees, bs, or other nonsense), and they handed the keys and that was it.

By far the easiest car buying experience I have had. Well worth the fee he charges if you don’t like spending the day at dealerships haggling or emailing every dealership around you and working a deal.

Thanks Ben!


Talked to @Benedetto last week about a Lexus lease. Very straight up, honest guy. He could not help me (Seattle / Portland is a tough market), but gave me some good advice. I appreciated his time and professional opinion. Thanks Ben! :red_car:


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This is a review thread. NOT a thread to solicit his services. PM him or contact him through the contact information on his profile. FYI you aren’t getting a Lexus or JGC for less than $250 a month unless you put huge sums of money down. You could get a Sonata


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Was out sick the prior week - (Week of the 15th)

PM me your info and I’ll reach out when I have time.

Please keep in mind I’m backlogged w/ month end right now.


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Thanks for the feedback. Just schedule the time with him.


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I worked with @Benedettoand I’m paying $550 a month with absolutely $0 down (true sign and drive) on an XC90 He’s also a great guy - I’m not an easy customer but I can’t recommend him enough

I sent one of my friends to him and he got a scorching deal on a BMW 4 series
Have referred someone else recently

Fantastic guy - we will do business again :slight_smile:


Hi Ben, What is your phone number so we can talk about a deal? thanks

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Thank you!!!



I’m located in VA and looking to lease a 7 or 8 seater SUV. Please contact me. Thank you.