Benedetto the Broker; Operate in all of the lower 48 states



22 year old, Detroit Metropolitan area, first time lessee with no knowledge on anything in the lease world (all family cars have been privately owned)

Contacted Benedetto and was taught a lot about the leasing process. He was super patient with all of my questions and requests and we ended up getting a STELLAR deal which is posted below!

2018 Chevy Equinox LT
MSRP $27950
Adjusted Cap - $19750
Rebates - $5500
MF - .00123
RV - 68%
$158 sign and drive with taxes and fees included

100% would recommend him to anyone out there. His knowledge and expertise in the field is unrivaled.

Thanks again Ben! #adulting


Ben is great to work with. A few phone calls with him landed us a great deal on a 2018 xc90 t5 lease. We’ve tried for several months negotiating with local dealers but couldn’t get even close to what Ben offered. Best money ever spent! Thanks Ben!


It was a pleasure working with Ben… he negotiated an amazing deal on XC90 T5 within a matter of hours on the last day of 1Q. He is courteous and quick. Once agreed on the number all I had to do was send a few paper work to the dealer and go and pick up the car. Spent 1 Hr at the dealership mainly going through setting up the car.

Very pleasant experience. This guy is legit.


XC90 T5 awd Momentum
24 months, 12000/yr
MSRP 57000
2K dealer cash
Sale Price 49,000
10 MSDs
A Plan
595 pm… 0 Down


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:+1:t3: Thumbs up for Ben! I reached out to him via PM and he was quick to respond. I live in Dallas, TX and was growing frustrated dealing with some of these dealerships. He answered all my questions and then some! I will most likely use his service in 60-90 days when my Acura lease finishing up.

I appreciate your assistance, Ben!


Just worked with Ben for a leasehackr worthy deal on an Equinox LT in Virginia. I’ve worked my own deals before, but it’s not something I enjoy doing. Having Ben do the grinding for me was worth every penny of his fee (which is reasonable, in my opinion).

Ben helped me narrow down my list of crossovers based on my targeted monthly payment. As should be clear from his reputation on this board, he’s extremely knowledgeable – but beyond that, he patiently helped me understand the factors affecting the deal, and he even nixed a deal when he noticed some red flags with the sales manager.

My impression is that phone is his preferred method of communication, and he was always responsive to texts and calls. He’s a busy guy, and I imagine he’s still figuring out his own way of keeping things organized. I thought I’d fallen off of his radar, but he re-emerged a few days before my lease was up and I ended up with a deal I’m very happy with.

Now I have friends and family who want to use Ben’s services, and I won’t hesitate to recommend him.


Please reach out to me. I would like to use your services.


I used Benedetto on a 2018 BMW 530e last week. Im in CA. He was great and got a deal that no one could get close to. Paid for himself and then some.

Give him time and he’ll get you the deal you want. Using him again soon.


After our first consult, I can say that so far Ben has been awesome, and I wish I would have called him at the beginning. To be honest, I didnt call him earlier because after reading all these forums about deals others have received, I thought I was going to send some emails to a few dealerships and have a hackr deal lined up in no time… well boy was I wrong!

History: I am looking for a Volvo XC90 for the wife and she’s won’t compromise on the specific car she wants. After striking out when local dealerships in AZ wouldn’t budge on price, I started looking nationally only to find a very limited amount of exact cars that would work. Working remotely with the dealerships is time consuming (Ive probably wasted 30+ hours so far), and although I am good a researching, my talks with sales guys haven’t resulted in a decent deal…

I reached out to Ben after seeing another user above (@Shearer) get the deal I want, on the car I want, by using @Benedetto. We scheduled a time to talk and he called me exactly on time and took more than enough time to help answer my questions!

He was upfront, very knowledgeable, and gave me a few costs from buying out of state that I didn’t already know. Although I’m not certain I will hire him, It seems like a no brainer to let him do the work researching, and negotiating on my behalf for a few hundred bucks!

I will update this post if/when I engage him.


Just used Ben to get a 2018 Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription. MSRP 65k $733 per month including tax. The whole process was outstanding, instead of negotiating and researching for hours on end I was out on the boat with my family. The dealer even delivered the car to my house so I didn’t have to make the drive which would have been 3 hours each way. Ben did advise that the lease numbers would be better on the non Inscription cars but I like real leather and I think the wood looks incredible on the Inscription.


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HI Ben. Thinking of an F-Type in Miami come September. Any chance you could help a brother out?



After lurking here a while I decided to give Ben a call.

Ben is dedicated… he took my phone call and he wasn’t even in the country! I came to him while I had a deal worked out to get his opinion and to see if he could do better and he was confident that he could do better for me. Ben was open and honest about what he does and how he does it.

I ended up deciding not to use Ben for two reasons: first was that (by his own admission) he’s extremely swamped with clients, and two his price had gone up pretty significantly from his original post (after doing more reading, I realize that farther down in the comments he does talk about raising his price, which is my bad for not doing more research before wasting his time).

Believe me when I say that this doesn’t mean Ben isn’t worth it and if it weren’t for the fact I already had a deal in place (albeit not a great one), I would have agreed to use Ben in a heartbeat.

I did offer to pay for Ben’s time, but he declined and said I should just come here and write a review instead.


Ben is a great guy! I’ve been trying to workout my first lease deal on a BMW X1 loaner and having a hard time with some numbers. I set up an appointment with Ben and he took the time to run me through the numbers and had the patience to answer all my dumb questions and help me understand how the numbers worked. For my next deal I will be sure to use him from the start. Save myself some of the headaches I’ve been through. Very honest and knowledgeable person. Would highly recommend to anyone.


Ben gets a 10 out of 10 from us. He is a true professional. He worked a deal for us on a new 2018 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum on the 2nd to the last sales day of the month.

We have purchased and leased many cars in the past. This was by far the easiest deal we’ve ever done. He did all the dirty work, we just walked in and signed the paperwork and drove off.

Thank you so much @Benedetto We look forward to working with you again in November when my wife’s X3 lease is up.


Can you please PM me? I am looking to lease a Volvo s90 t6 or bmw 5 series

Thank you


PM him. This thread is intended to be a review thread, not one to ask for deals.

I see you’re new. Click this @Benedetto and the send message button when the page changes