Review Thread: Benedetto the Broker; Midwest Based & Operate in Most Markets

Since we’re not on an email nor phone conversation base - I’m like to make this deal right since you’re still in need of a car.

You can call me if you’d like to restart and work through this one.

My cell is 586.315.5381

Seems like a straight forward guy, what is the fee you charge upfront and how does the process work?

Hey Ben I’ve seen you around. I’m looking at doing something sometime in April, just not sure what yet. Anything you think I should look at that’s a fantastic deal below say $350/mo including tax right now? Been checking out the terrain (diesel), and lots of hybrids and phevs like the Ioniq, Niro, clarity, bolt, Prius prime, etc. Might also look at a 320d diesel wagon if I can find a loaner and things like the Crosstrek.

I don’t have tons of time and energy to negotiate so when I have a specific vehicle in mind I’ll probably use a broker. Nothing so far out of all the brands I’ve driven has really stood out. I’m in socal FYI.

You almost cost a broker on Hackr retainer fee. But i will let the broker have alittle more time…

Ha-ha [20…]


Such generosity. I’m sure he really appreciates that, goofy. In light of your generosity, let’s be considerate and not use Ben’s broker thread as a place to discuss global broker business models. Please reach out to Ben directly if you want to discuss his mode of operation with him. Otherwise, let’s use this thread for reviews only.



Ben is awesome. He got me a great deal on a Volvo XC90 within 1-hour…and he was half way across the world, on a different time zone, on vacation… he responded to me within 5 minutes of my initial email, straight to the chase, no bs.


When in Rome… … … … lol

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Ben is just busy, i would recommend him to anyone. Maybe the situation of my location is causing a delay.

Today has been an interesting day lol

This thread is for broker reviews, rather than off-topic comments and personal attacks. Keep it on track. Your comments are the first ones I’ve ever deleted, so I’ll leave it to you to determine whether it says more about you versus forum censorship. If you have an issue with this, feel free to shoot me a PM.

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Really cannot thank Ben enough for the help he gave me on understanding my leasing options. Fantastic and knowledgeable guy, he put up with my lease ignorance and gave me a much better idea of where I stand in terms of my choices.

Will be back in the future! Thank you so much 11/10!

Sure, the most credible post on this tread are forum user who actually use Ben.

I use Bens service and 1000% would recommend ben to anyone. He serves 48 states , which makes his data base of leases across the nation more acurate. He is busy because he is great.

The best thing this forum moderaters can do is delete anyone posting on this thread that never used his service.

Credible review = Actual user of service or product.

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So benedetno?

PM him…this is a review thread, not one to ask for a quote.

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Ben was awesome.

He spent a long time on the phone with me understanding my needs after I reached out to him, before we even discussed his retainer. Unfortunately for me I managed to find a deal the day after we talked, before he had the chance to start searching on my behalf.

Pretty sure I would’ve saved some money had I let him do his thing. :slight_smile:

Great guy, very patient and happy to teach you the ins and outs of the leasing process. Obviously has earned the reputation he’s built on the forum. He helped me negotiate a deal to snag a

2017 330i xDrive demo, 36/10
MSRP 47570
Adjusted cap 36633 ($3000 lease cash, $1000 college grad)
$359/mo (6% tax), $689 due at signing including first month

Thanks Ben.


Thank you again Benedetto! Will definitely recommend to everybody and work with you again myself. As much as I like getting great deals I hate that negotiating part takes so much time and effort. With Benedetto it took me 20 min of initial consultation + maybe another 20 min through the process and a little over an hour at the dealership signing. Can’t beat that.

Also have to mention I’m in South Florida ( not the greatest dealers and high doc fees)

2018 Ram 1500 v6, 4*2

MSRP: $42030
Adjusted cap: $30887.20
36/12 $307.55+$18.45 tax
Absolute zero drive off

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