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Review: 10/10. Reached out to Jeff and told him what I wanted he presented me with awesome deals, honestly sounded to good to be true either or I slept on it and he sold out. The moment he got more in stock he proactively reached out, I filled out an application and got the car same day as promised. No surprises and no hidden fees. Beyond satisfied and the only negative is I won’t get a chance to work with him again for a few years until I need another car. Bottom line when you are ready for a car contact Jeff for the best and most seamless experience. Thanks again @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto !


Shout out to Jeff at Beach Cities Auto. He brokered at a great deal for us last weekend on a Lexus RZ 450e. We were totally new to leasing, and I’m sure we had him pulling his hair out over the stupid questions we asked but he was very patient and held our hand through the entire experience. I can not recommend this guy highly enough. Super friendly, quick responses and great customer service!

Also would like to thank this community for all the awesome info. Without this place, we would have never found Jeff in the first place. We also wouldn’t have known to convert our lease to an immediate buyout to leverage all the discounts being offered. This place is a great wealth of knowledge.


Big thanks to @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto for making my first vehicle lease a breeze. Your help was greatly appreciated and look forward to working with you again in the future.
Thanks Jeff!




Was working on a lease with a local low volume dealer, posted in Ask the hackers to see what else I can do on that deal, Jeff replied that he can beat that no problem. I’ve been following his deals and they’ve always seemed very good.

I decided to message him, not only did he beat the deal I had, but he did it with a 5k higher MSRP Ascent than the one I was working on. Everything went smooth, drove 3 hours one way to pick up the car. Wife is happy. I messaged him Friday evening and by Saturday evening we were out of the dealership in an hour and on our way home.

Very seamless experience, will come back


Hi. Do you still only do deals for California folks?

For leases yes CA only

I like to give Jeff two big thumbs up!! He has come through for me multiple times on both lease and purchase. Please be respectful of his time and be ready to go when you text him. Do your research before contacting him. Jeff brings a ton of value to the community. The deals I did through him would have been impossible to do on my own. The numbers were always spot on and never any surprises. He is without question my broker of choice. Thank you Jeff!


We highly recommend Jeff. He was patient, honest, and responsive throughout the entire process. He also made sure we got the best possible price. Even though I had already agreed to the payments he originally quoted me, Jeff was able to get me an even better price upon signing. He had no obligation to do so, and I would have never known-- but that’s the quality service you will receive from a class act. Thank you, Jeff. We appreciate you.

Just closed on a lease for a Wrangler S 4xe. The experience was fantastic - very straight forward and no changes from what was discussed. Highly recommend Jeff!


I arranged a Kia Forte lease for my family from Jeff this week. Not only I could not find them a better deal in SoCal (I’m pretty good at it), the process was so smooth and simple, it sets the bar for how one should lease a car hassle-free. No broker fee on this one, too. The deal was straight up what was quoted in his Kia thread. And the car it replaced actually broke down on the day we were supposed to pick the new car up, so they drove it straight to our house and we signed the paperwork right there. :100:


Just purchased a RAV4 with Jeff’s help today. The process was as painless as it could be. No time wasted at the sales/financing department. Jeff answered all my questions before hand and everything went as discussed. I would definitely use his service again and recommend to others.


Highly recommend Jeff if you’re in need of an auto broker and looking for a hassle-free experience. Jeff answered all my questions, and was very responsive when the deal was coming together. Everything was as he said it would be at the dealership and it was easy in and easy out. Two thumbs up! Thanks again, Jeff!

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Thank you so much, @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto for the help and the patience :pray:

Such an easy and great leasing experience!

The best deal in California for the RAV 4 Prime :slight_smile:

We love ours so much already!

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Review: Let me describe how amazing Jeff’s service was in a brief description of the whole process of leasing a new car.

Wednesday Afternoon:

  • Sent a message requesting a quote for my desired car model, trim, and color

  • Jeff replied within a few minutes giving me the quote and telling me that he had the model that I wanted available

  • He sent me the online credit application which I filled out and got quickly approved

Wednesday Evening:

  • The car was delivered to my place with a person holding the contracts exactly, to the penny, as Jeff mentioned a few hours before.

The End! I don’t think leasing a new car can be any easier than that!

Thank you!


I highly recommend Jeff - I entered into a Lexus NX450h+ lease through Jeff and the process removed all the frustrations of going through the dealership through the regular way. It was my first time using an auto broker and he was extremely patient (and prompt) in answering all my questions.

The process was as hassle-free and efficient as it can be. He coordinated everything and I corresponded with him through texts; I showed up at the dealership and picked up my car in less than an hour!

I will definitely be reaching out to Jeff on future car leases/purchases! :slight_smile:


Can’t recommend Jeff more. The process was as seamless as it could be. I was shopping for a new Camry for a couple weeks and Jeff got me a deal that I was not anywhere near in just a couple days. I was in and out the dealership with the numbers exactly as discussed. Highly highly recommend Jeff and will be repeating business with him in the future.

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