Be prepared to pay sticker PRI$$$$E!

As if housing prices weren’t high enough now comes the 2nd most expensive item for purchase the car parked in your driveway, between production being offline and shortage of chips we now have to contend with high prices of vehicles going forward. I guess that’s why we also see the demand for higher priced used cars as well.
Many on here are excited and jumping for joy selling their used car leases for more than their buyout, but what good is it if you are entering into the market to buy a new car for more than what they were going for just 1 year ago.


This may be true, but not the case for all brands/dealers. Plus, it always helps to have Costco Auto rebates and manufacturer incentives.

if its a spare vehicle, sell it, and then invest or keep it for when the market corrects.


I had a dealer bring up this article today to convince me to close a deal this month.


May is going to be scary - I hope I’m wrong


Some cars will be in shorter supply than usual…alarmist stories like this are almost always wrong. Even if not, they’ll be short lived.

Remember the TP and Clorox Wipes frenzy of 2020!


Yeah except TP and Clorox Wipes don’t take a multi billion dollar investment to solve the problem. The chip problem will have effects through the end of 2021. It will be tolerable again mid to late summer, but I think May is going to be really really rough.

My local Audi and BMW dealers have started to run low on '21 inventory with certain models.

I am not a dealer nor a broker, so take this with a grain of salt - If you need a car in the next month, I would suggest finding a car (in your preferred color combo & options) now and start working on a deal. That’s what I am doing.

Could get better around June. Let us wait and see.

January, May typically imo are slow months any other year depending on the brand. End of June is when things get spicy.

Having said that, basically everyone, whether they have had a direct impact or not, is yelling SHORTAGES, and well if you are a mfg or seller that is the line everyone is going with.

Your dollars are buying less. The car companies will fix this in the next year by raising msrp and pretending to give you a discount again.


It makes me feel good when I can get 20% off MSRP :thinking:


Can they raise RVs as well while they are at it? :laughing:


Yeah, I was going to reach out about a few different posted offers but realized the chance of closing before the end of April was going to be slim (in the Panhandle, so have to drive to Orlando to pick up). Worried I may have to wait until the end of summer/ early fall to get one of the cars I want for a reasonable deal.

I don’t want to screw over a dealership (or a broker!!), but I also don’t want to get screwed. Looking for an equitable deal for all. I can fold my teenager up in the back seat of my Outback for a bit longer if need be. :rofl:

GIve them the old, back in my day I had to walk to school 5 miles in the snow uphill both ways story , and make them take the bus :slight_smile:


I don’t think an average consumer understands that at all. I swear basic financial math, ROI, and basic marketing psychology should be taught in schools and if you can’t pass a basic understanding of the material, no credit for you until you understand how anything works.

Wayfair is an entire empire built on “70% off” while the same crap is available elsewhere a lot cheaper than Wayfair. BedBathAndBeyond, COUPONS on everything, except everything is list price. Costco actually has a disclaimer that just because there is a a crossed out price doesn’t mean they ever sold anything at that price. Solar industry is completely based on federal credit perceived discount, but in reality the systems are increased in price by the tax credit. Years ago I upgraded my HVAC that qualified it for all kinds of rebates, which made the price of the system higher by those rebates, took forever to find a semi-honest contractor that was gauging. The list just goes on and on. But what does the consumer look for, I GOT 90% off!!! YAY!!!


Hahah wayfair. That company is a joke the way they play their discounts, if nobody knows that by now then we just have some really stupid stupid consumers, how wayfair can play that discount game and actually get massive sales thrown their way is absolutely mind boggling. It was never MSRP to begin with and if you take notice they own many other chain stores online that sell the same exact product with different names. Mostly third party items. Aside from that you can also find these same items outside of wayfair for discounted prices. The prices they show and the markk downs they offer is nothing but click bait and it’s truly amazing how consumers to this day fall for that game. The discount retailer game is a very intricate system that has worked forever unless you are one of the few who knows how it works then I give you a gigantic standing ovation!!!


agree and depending on the brand. i think the germans and a few of the japanese are in big trouble w inventory.

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As in way too little?

Holy cow. I live by an automall here in California so I drive by it every day. Last few weeks I noticed many of the lots are half empty. Chevy, Chrysler, Toyota, etc… I thought I was imagining things. It’s weird!

Things are going to get interesting…