Badass 330xi Wagon MSPORT ($415 a month with Loyalty) So. Cal!

So I forgot to setup this wagon correctly on my spreadsheet!!!

Its awesome!!

$58620 MSRP.


Since it’s under 5000 miles, this has the $3000 lease credit built into it, I assume?

Yes it does have it built in…

About as perfect of a wagon as it gets.

Lately we’ve been spoiled with +/- 25% off retired loaner MSRPs…but much want, ah!

Please take the time to click on his link to the calculator next time. @loberant goes through a lot of effort with these posts.

Great deal btw! Sick wagon. Should be gone soon

And what exactly are you pointing out?

4500 in incentives right in the calculator

Still not sure what you’re implying.

3000 of that is a lease credit offered by BMWFS.

The remaining 1500 is made up of loyalty, if you qualify, although I think it’s $750 in SoCal.

Considering a 320d wagon but those are probably harder to come by, esp as a loaner. If you have any leads on one of those lmk.

Looks like pretty good deal. Are all 330’s SULEV in Ca?

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Good alternative for us East Coasters. Someone get this car!

500/mo? Wow even as a loaner the diesel wagon still isn’t a good lease.

You’ve already called them and tried to negotiate something?

what’s the discount he’s giving you?

No, that’s what they said in that thread somewhere

You didn’t read the thread. You won’t know unless you call for yourself.

I don’t live anywhere near Pennsylvania or wherever that dealer is.

Yea, those are super hard to come by considering BMW doesn’t make them. :joy: