Bad lease deal on 2023 Q4 etron. Lesson learned

Welcome! But even without knowing this website why would you think paying $42K for 3 years on a $58K vehicle is worth it? I understand happy wife happy life but that monthly payment is Escalade territory from what I remember. At least now you know about this website.

This deal shows total of $29k down - 15k rebate and 14k customer cash. Are you planning to put $14k cash down?

No that would be hella stupid lol.
11k is from MSDs

There is no rule of thumb. For me, on a 36 month lease: no more than half, less is better. But sometimes you are paying all rent (those 93-99% Nissan RVs from earlier this year) and if it’s something that depreciates less than the RV and the MF is very low, % might not matter.

The punchline here is: if you have paid most of the cost of the car by renting it for 3 years, just buy the car.


Definitely not escalade money anymore

Even half is too much IMO


So what is your cutoff?

It depends entirely on the lease I’m looking at and a lease-vs-buy comparison.

Hey, thought you might appreciate an update.

I couldn’t get the numbers to work on an Etron GT, but I got it done on a 2023 etron. My new monthly is now $150 less :slight_smile:

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Does this mean you are paying $1050/mo for an ETron? Which one and what are the terms?

Escalade ?? You’re lucky to get a 90k car for $1400 a month for 48 months .


I meant to say before Covid but now it sky rocketed