Autovin inspection cancelled (Jaguar)

As the title states, the Autovin lease end inspection was cancelled for my F-type. My rear tires are right at 4/32” and I am debating throwing some used ones on so I don’t get hit for full replacement cost. I also have a small ding on the rear quarter panel. Are manufacturers doing anything in light of the cancelled inspections? Are they waiving the lease disposition fee or allowing excess damages? As I understand it, this inspection is part of the justification for the disposition fee. Given that it will now no longer be occurring and the protections it affords are no longer provided, I would think some adjustment/leniency should be made. Mostly worried about the tires and ding at this point and whether I should just get them fixed or roll the dice — the report would have been nice.

Also, on the tires, do I need a matched set, as in brand and model, or just equivalent performance. The car has the OE continental sportcontact2 which I am having a hard time finding used. PS4 or pzeros would be easier to find.

To help you with a data point on the tire decision, Autovin inspected my Volvo last month.
I used a tire gauge measurement tool.
Tires according to my measurements 5.5/32, 5.5/32, 6/32, 4/32.
Autovin reported 7/32, 6/32, 6/32, 4/32.
From my experience, they were not overly unforgiving in their measurements.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

How many miles did you have on the Volvo?

I think mismatched tires are a no no on a lease turn in. It may state in your contract what expectations are on the tires.

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I assume your question is about Lexus and what they are doing? You’re not taking a survey of what every other manufacturer but Lexus is doing - since you’re turning your Lexus in? If so, does it matter what anyone else is doing? Your contract is with LFS.

The inspection is to get an estimate of excess wear and tear beyond what your lease agreement allows. Unless you lease another Lexus you are paying the disposition fee, which doesn’t exist just to justify the inspection.


Jag*. F type confused with f sport?

Exactly #multitasking thanks for the assist.

Even better, it’s Chase.

Just under 45K, it was 15K lease. 7/32 was actually a used tire replacement because of a slow leak. Old tire was around 4/32, matching up with the wear on other front at 4/32. Dealer did not recommend tire rotation, so I never did it. Fronts did wear slightly more than the rears 6/32.

Thanks, this is helpful. I ordered a tire gauge that should be here today. With a quarter, the worst tread looks to be around 3.5, but we will see what the gauge says.

Yes, it is a Jaguar with chase. It seems like they should at least be a little flexible on wear and tear or disposition. The inspection is to protect the consumer and that is no longer being offered.

Yeah, it’s not an easy decision. FWIW, if you do decide to replace with used ones, I would advise you try to get four of the same brand/model of tire. The used tire I ordered, was very slightly different in name and tread pattern (ContiProContact vs ProContact), but the Autovin inspector did not note it on the report, so I assume he didn’t notice.

I returned my Infiniti q50 in first week of march . MyQ50 came with Runflat tires which were preserved and i had one dunlops runflat which was busted. Replaced it with a used continental runflat(same specs) with 5/32 of thread and inspection went pretty fine.He didn’t flag them.
When i asked the inspector that do they check for run flats itself , he said he is not sure and I need to check with Infiniti. But Infiniti already sent me liability statement and no charges for any tires!! My inspector was from Alliance Inspection company.

Hope that helps

When I returned my BMW they used a digital depth gauge. Mixed brand tires didn’t matter. Had to be RFT. Got charged for 1 tire that was about 3/32. Fair enough. YMMV.

I used to work for autovin. Each banks have different rules. Wait till they do inspection, becasue last year autovin came to inspect my 2016 m benz c300 just charge me 4" deep scratch for $154, where as body shop might charge me $1000.

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Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately all inspections are cancelled due to the virus. I will be turning in blind. How was jaguar/chase on tire wear? I am probably between 3.5-4/32 in the center on the rears.

You should be fine or just buy used tire.

Chase gives a $1,000 buffer for excess wear on all leases. Most people aren’t aware as dealers don’t tell clients in order to sell their own wear and tear “protection packages”

And Chase is usually pretty forgiving. Most wear and tear items are charged at a wholesale rate. They aren’t charging you for the fun of it, wear and tear is fixed by Chase before the car runs across the auction block.


You have to match the rating, not the brand (that would be illegal AFAIK).

I think you can have mixed brands but has to be in pairs. U cant return with 4 different brand tires on each wheel.

Unless it’s an AWD