Autopia Audi Thread Socal+ NorCal |October 2020/ Q5e premium special in Socal

Audi July specials:

2019 Audi Etron P+ ( with DA package)
MSRP: 77k
Due on signing: 3200
with Costco+ loyalty
Monthy: 611+tax
with max MSDS: 566+tax

2019 Audi Etron Prestige
MSRP: 83k
Due on signing: 3200
with Costco+ loyalty
Monthy: 709+tax
with max MSDS: 659+tax

2020 Audi SQ5 P+
Due on signing: 2300
Monthly: 634+tax
with max MSDs: 594+tax

2020 Audi Q5e premium
MSRP: 58,290
with loyalty
Due on signining: 2850
Monthly: 585+tax
With max MSDs: 549+tax

Please text us at 323-918-5533 for more details. Ask for Brian or Sam.

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There’s a Q5 plugin hybrid??

That’s the first one listed, the PHEV.

just released. cars still at port.
X3 plug in to follow in march

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Can I get the details on the plug in Q5? Color?

I have 5 coming in this week in Norcal, Manhattan gray/Black, Glacier white/Black, Mythos black/Black and Ibis white/Black

I’m 100% in for a Turbo blue or pearl white, tan interior P+. Trading in a pearl while a3 etron

Can we get some more details on the A5 P+? Colors and interior?

I’m assuming that’s a typo - do you mean Q3?

The Q5 P+ PHEV, does it qualify for California transit lane stickers and/or an electric vehicle rebate?

Does Audi have any sedan or hatchback PHEV or EVs? I have an eGolf that’s finishing up on a lease in March so am looking for something to replace/upgrade it.

Meant to say the BMW x3e will follow. Haven’t heard of a Q3 Phev sue for release.
Q5 Phev qualifies for HOV sticker. Also AFS extending 6,711 federal tax rebate.

I have a couple, would be easier if you text us at 323-918-5533 please.

@autopia – Thanks for the info on HOV stickers and rebate. I will add Q5 PHEV to the list of possibles and watch for the BMW X3e.

My current lease is up in March so I’ll be waiting until then.

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How soon and how much price diff for a Navarra blue Q5 PHEV? P or P+?

1 week tops, dont have anything in Navarra blue coming in at the moment. only moonlight in prestige.

I am in SoCal.
Interested in Q5 PHEV with Prestige and Warm Weather package.

Have a couple in SoCal. If you can text us, will share build sheet and pricing.

Etron deals for March updated in original post

Do you still have the Q5 e hybrid deal?

Please text us at 323-918-5533 and ask for Sam

any deals on etrons in july?