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Is this available in texas ?

Ridiculous, recently paid “Armando” $600 to sort out a deal for me. No communication, got ghosted, had to constantly text and call everybody involved. I thought this was going to be an easy process from all the good reviews, clearly not. Emailed and called for a refund, no answer. Got held up for 2 weeks after constantly calling everybody that they almost TRIPLED the initial offer. Really sketchy, DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Asked for a refund and was offered 50% this is the refund policy I was sent.

THEY DO NOT SEND ANY DOCUMENTATION WHATSOEVER SO YOU WOULD NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE PRICING ACTUALLY IS. FUN LOOPHOLE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY. I also asked to be connected with another person from the dealer or another dealer and was told it wasn’t possible because they do all their deals there. The dealer offered me financing and said they couldn’t get me a lease anymore. Clearly a scam where they do not pay you any mind because they know they will charge an exorbitant amount of money in order to make you back out and take money & if you choose not to back out they make a huge profit from the financing they do at the dealer. I actually did a pull on a 2024 Tesla double the price of the Honda being offered with a higher APR. Somehow THE NUMBERS ON THE HONDA WERE TRIPLE THE PRICE OF THE TESLA!!! I am not a professional but I have been in the market long enough now to know they have some sketchy unfair business going on. Please be wary and do not do business here!!! STAY AWAY!!

Clearly states 50% refund for denied credit, no?

Bryan, thank you for your feedback regarding the deal you contacted us on April 10 and elected to proceed with on the 12th of April, a week ago.

We acknowledged and responded to your cancellation and refund request the same day

Our policy is very clear stated upfront regarding cancellations at request of the customer.

We are more than happy to give you a call and discuss your deal and will certainly process a refund under our cancellation policy.

Your prior activity on the site says enough

Not really, but your prior activity on this site does say enough.

All 5 hours of it.

No? I got a reply on this thread and still havent gotten any refund processed. Clearly prioritizing saving face on the site. I am still waiting for my refund.

Your refund will be processed during normal business hours. Thank you for your patience.

I’m flattered that you spent all your 5 hours to check 8 years of my activity on LH lol


Brokers provide pricing based on Tier 1. You’re supposed to have an idea what tier you would qualify for.

Thanks Sina for all your help. Couldn’t be happier with taycan. Definitely will work with you again. Everything was just as described. In and out of the dealership in 30 mins. The car looked brand new even though it was CPO.


@AutoCompanion really came through for me. I was looking to trade my '19 M550 and get in to the new i5 M60. The local dealer I’ve bought numerous cars from over the years was telling me it was impossible to get a better deal than the 2.5% discount they were offering me. I used the AutoCompanion deal sheet and calculator and the deal seemed too good to be true. But it was 100% accurate. Once connected with the dealer they were also beyond awesome. The deal was completely honored, never questioned and was literally as simple as sign and pick up. They even took my '19 M550 on a trade for more than I thought I would get for it. An honestly A+ experience, couldn’t have been better.


Thanks Armando and AutoCompanion. Just picked up a Wrangler Sahara 4XE. Everything as advertised. No problems, smooth transaction.

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