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Thank you Doug for all the kind works. Been a privilege to assist you with multiple BMW in the past year.

Just picked up my 2023 wrangler 4XE today! Super smooth ordering, finance and pick-up experience for a noob, first-time leaser and owner!

Both LeaseCompanion and dealer respond to queries promptly and professionally!


Thanks Jaime, I got my Lexus RX350L with $5000 off MSRP, best price and the dealer service is also fantastic! Monthly payment is $660.
Our local dealer said the best deal they can do is sell as MSRP, and I need to wait about 1 month, I live in West Virginia, and the delivery fee for my RX is only $600, I can’t believe the deal Jaime makes for me.
I already recommend a few friends and they are looking for their cars now, with the crazy used card price at the market right now, I think it is very worth to get a brand new car especially with Jaime’s service.



Congrats on your new Jeep! Enjoy!

Thank you for the kind words! Enjoy the new Lexus!

Thanks @AutoCompanion for brokering two Jeep Rubicon 4xe for my friends from the MD dealer…the transaction was smooth and have two happy customers…


Thank you for the kind words!

As of September 2022 we have official transitioned to AutoCompanion.

We feel that providing amazing deals with impeccable service goes beyond just leasing.

In todays market many choose to finance or pay cash.

We feel our name change broadens our ability to serve our customers.

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Just picked up my second “deal” from @AutoCompanion
Kind of fitting that I did not lease, based on the above post. Simple process, paid my fee, exchanged a few emails, confirmed the details and waited for it to show up. No games at the VA dealer, everything matched to the penny. They offered me financing but I came with my own bank, no issues there either.

Two plus hour drive in the Pacifica Hybrid to get home, and I am impressed. Drives very nice and for a van, its not bad looking. Thanks AC!


Just got 2 cars from AutoCompanion, a RAM TRX and 4XE HA. Was smooth, apart from 1 denial from CCAP, but they tried their hardest to get it corrected. I would recommend AC. Transparent and a great deal.


I like to thank Jaime. Just got my BMW 850 coupe. This was a hard car to find and he helped me find one with the specs I like at a good rate. I certainly recommend him.


3 in the driveway from the great folks at @AutoCompanion . I seriously don’t know what I would have done w/o them this last 2 years! Except pay a lot more money ! Thanks

again …


Ordered a BMW 2023 330xi back in June. I am in the front line of getting the new 3 series so appreciate @AutoCompanion help to get my dream car.


Congratulations on your beautiful car! Looking forward to helping you and your referrals in the future :slight_smile:

@Jason_Ray thank you for choosing us for the last 3 cars! It is always a pleasure! Enjoy in good health.

@Ehsan congrats on a beast of a BMW. Thank you so much for choosing us.

@senwia I want that High Altitude. Looks amazing! Thank you for trusting us with your TRX and 4xe.

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@savagelion that is actually a good looking Pacifica. Color combo is exactly my choice. Enjoy in good health.

AutoCompanion - these guys are the best. They are doing a real magic. I worked with Jaime for my X4M Comp. And I was able to get 2% off MSRP deal on the current market - this is a real miracle. My local dealers set prices a min 5-10k above MSRP due to shortages especially for M products lineup. Autocompanion team are always so helpful and I was always able to get a detailed response in seconds over the phone :telephone_receiver: or email. Thank you again, I hope to work with you one more time sometimes in the near future!!! Happy Warm and Sunny Thanksgiving, Autocompanion Team :white_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::orange_heart::heart:

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