Auto Manufacturers that include GAP insurance

My auto insurance company (State Farm) does not offer GAP insurance for auto leases (at least not in Illinois)

Many dealerships/manufacturers require this insurance as a stipulation of the lease. When I leased through Toyota, I had to purchase this insurance through them, and it added like $8-10 a month on my payment.

Honda includes the GAP insurance in the lease.

Are there any other car companies that include GAP insurance?

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Does anyone know if Nissan includes gap insurance? Geico apparently does not offer gap insurance either. Looking to lease my first car, Nissan Sentra, and would like to know.

When I checked one two weeks ago, GAP was included in lease.

Volvo and Mercedes IIRC

This sort of stuff needs to saved in a wiki

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My lease through GM Financial, and the one through Ford Credit both include gap insurance.

My BMW lease included GAP insurance.

BMW and Audi both include GAP.

Probably easier to list the ones that don’t.


I don’t know of others that don’t but I’m sure there are.

Probably Lexus too then.

Nope, Lexus include it

Toyota charges $25 a month for a “protection plan” that includes GAP insurance. You can’t purchase the insurance separately anymore. This is an outright deal-breaker when it comes to leasing any Toyota vehicle, as your payments will be 10-20% higher per month than with any other company out of the gate.

Well you can get GAP elsewhere, you don’t have to use Toyota.

Most insurance companies in Illinois do not offer GAP. I have State Farm and they don’t offer it. Same for Farmers and Allstate I believe.

Even if I can get it through a third-party, I still have to pay $10-$16 more per month.

When comparing leases on a Honda Accord vs. a Toyota Camry, the monthly payments between them will be within $5-$10 typically, as they are very similar in MSRP, depreciation, etc. The extra 10-25 bucks simply rules out the Camry. Seems like Toyota isn’t serious about leasing vehicles.

Looking to lease a Kia. Wondering if anybody here knows if Kia does their own GAP insurance?

my last NMAC lease had gap included.

Yes, GAP waiver benefits are included in all Kia Finance leases at no additional cost.

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Chevy includes it …

VW includes it

I’d also add that never add it from a dealer. GAP coverage from my car insurer was something like $3/month last time I financed.