🚨 August GMC Acadia Denali 50K+ $485 (+Tax) with 1st Month DAS! Must pickup in NJ, While Supplies Last!

:rotating_light: Acadias are leasing great this month and thought I’d share this deal! Must qualify for loyalty or conquest to be eligible, can’t be stacked together!

Broker Fee: $399

Any general questions can be asked on this thread! If you are interested in moving forward on one please PM me. See instructions at very bottom before messaging me.

2019 GMC Acadia Denali
Monthly Payment: $485 (+Tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $485 (+ Tax)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
Residual: 60%

To give you an example of what a deal in NJ looks like with tax: $519 w $519 DAS. Limited amount of 19 Denali’s left on the dealer lot, this deal will go quick!

If Interested Please Include The Following In Your PM
Preferred Method of Contact:
Phone Number (optional):
Desired Make & Model:
Desired Trim:
Must Have Options:
Desired Budget:
Top 3 Color Preferences:
Expected Credit Tier (700+ TransUnion is Tier 1):
Miles Per Year:
Timeframe to Take Delivery:


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@ElectricEliminator working with him as we speak. They have 3 pretty similar ones their lot - so the other 2 are up for grabs! First come first serve

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Good to hear! My numbers I roughed put in his original post don’t seem too far off. I’m locked into my SLE2 for another year or so depending on pull ahead myself, but I figured someone would have some decent deals on these.

I’m gonna explore deals for all trim levels of acadias next week when theres more leverage after this deal is done. That being said, based on numbers from other dealers - this seems like this should be snatched up ASAP while its still on the table. 2019 Denali’s will probably move off dealer lots without too much trouble. @ElectricEliminator

I’d be interested in an SLT

Please send a personal message! Happy to help