Audi truecar coupon code?

Received an email with redeem code from Truecar for $1000 that can be used for 2019/2020 A6 Allroad, S6, A8, S8, A8 PHEV, Q5 PHEV and 2019 RS 5, wondering if this is an extra incentive from Truecar?

Offer Details
• Offer is valid on 2019/2020 A6 Allroad, S6, A8, S8, A8 PHEV, Q5 PHEV and 2019 RS 5
• Offer can be combined with most current national and regional incentives. See dealers for program details and stackability.
• Offer must be redeemed at time of purchase or lease of eligible vehicles. It is not redeemable on a purchase/lease made prior to receiving this Offer Code. Offer not valid on used vehicles.
• Offer is non-negotiable and not redeemable for cash.
• Offer can be used at all participating Audi dealers.
• Select models and trims are not eligible.

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Any idea for this?

This really isn’t enough detail for us to go on. Can you provide a screen grab of it? Did it come from a TrueCar affiliate (PenFed, USAA, Sams Club, etc) or from TrueCar itself? Was it provided after you submitted a lead on a competitor?

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I think this is from Truecar

I got one too. I haven’t submitted any leads but have been searching for Lexus/BMW/Volvo etc

Am not sure what triggered the offer

Do you got one for Audi?

Yep same exact email for $1500 and a code

Did you build an Audi on Truecar and submitted your email? Did you contact any dealers for quotes before getting the code?

No and no. Never even searched for an Audi on any site.

It is from TrueCar, but can you show us the top half (masking your name, email or whatever else)? I’m trying to see if it’s from an Employee Benefits Provider or anything else. I used to work on that team at TrueCar, so just trying to find the identifying part, haha.

Here’s mine

I just noticed the subject says “on similar Audi vehicles” but unless I was searching for Audi’s in my sleep (with all of the research I’ve been doing, a definite possibility:/) I swear I never looked for one. Never been a huge fan

Did you submit a lead on on a luxury branded vehicle (not Audi)?

This is what we used to call a Live Prospect Offer.

EDIT: just saw you said you were searching. But you must have submitted your email at some point in the process or were logged in (in which case they have your email address already and your on-site activity is associated).

I think I do search Audi on truecar and also BMW and VOLVO

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BTW do you have the same qualified model?

I didn’t. The last time I submitted any of my info on true car was before I joined this forum a few months ago and was pricing out a gladiator. I got a $500 incentive from true car for JEEP afterward. Then I joined and read and read and ended up leasing a tundra for my husband.

On a side note I’m on the hunt again after learning last week that now my car will be totaled out as well after a bad hail storm a couple of months ago. My husbands 2013 Tacoma was totaled out (hence the tundra) and now my 2017 Highlander is bye bye. I’m not too heartbroken but man, I thought I had a couple of years left before I started this whole beautiful disaster again.

Yea that must be what it is. I definitely submitted my info before and I’ve searched for only competitors in the last couple of weeks. Must have been why I got a $1500 offer.

I applied truecar coupon back in 2016 on TLX, just told the dealer at the end of negotiation that I have an additional coupon. They applied it as cap cost reduction. The coupon popped up at truecar website when I’ve been searching for TLX competitors.

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Does your offer also for 2019/2020 A6 Allroad, S6, A8, S8, A8 PHEV, Q5 PHEV and 2019 RS 5?