Audi SQ5 P+ Proposal

Hey guys I Just got a new lease proposal for a 2020 Audi SQ5 P+ Quantum Gray exterior with $63k Msrp fo $53k and the deal is $650 and $653 36/10 monthly tax included, I live in South Florida should I grab it and not look back?

How much cash is due at signing? Also, is this an early offer from them or have you already negotiated a lot? Does the car have the 21’ wheels?

Need more info about the deal…Not sure how much money you will be leaving at the dealership but with around $2500 at signing, 36 months, 10k miles you should be looking at a range of $525 to $550

I think he’s saying it’s $650 a month $653 drive off this is pretty good for south Florida don’t forget I’m sure there’s a $799 doc fee.

21” wheels and upgraded sound system

$653 due at signing

yea I think it’s thrown into the payment, the dealership is having a very slow month and I’m going in tomorrow to get the cat

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Wow, that sounds like a pretty damn good deal. I would definitely take that!

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pretty good i would say

If you can put down MSDs, it would make for a crazy deal.

Why tie up money in a depreciating asset to save a little on the money factor when you can use that money to buy 2 cars and flip them.


I live in SoFLA and I worry about the car getting totaled and losing the MSDs

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are you referring to the MSDs?

You don’t lose your MSDs if the car is totalled

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Because guaranteed 10%+ annual rate of return is nearly impossible to beat


So don’t put money into depreciating assets, but go out and buy 2 cars instead? :thinking:


One could save thousands over the term of a lease. So in some cases, depending on how high the MF is, it might be worth it putting down MSDs.

As far as tying up money, you could see it as putting money away in a savings account or a 3-year CD and getting that money back at the end of the lease. Hence, I do not follow your logic.

I do get it that putting up $3k, $4k or $5k + on top of drive-offs might not be viable for some.

IMO if you don’t have an extra 5k to lockup for 36 months as an MSD you probably shouldn’t be driving a $65k audi.


Not a fair judgment to make since you don’t know their personal financial situation and they don’t owe you that explanation.


True but even if you have an extra $5k to put towards MSDs, it may not always work for everyone. At the end of the day, we choose to do whatever we want with our money. Hence, I am not going to criticize anyone about how they structure their deal as long as they are happy with it.

Side note: Putting down MSDs makes it challenging to transfer a lease. Unlike with some other brands, with Audi, the original lessee is still held financially liable for payments if new lessee defaults.