Audi Q5 MSRP Discount

When building the 2019 Q5 I noticed that the MSRP for Premium Plus is discounted approximately $1,500. Is this something new/temporary or has this been present for all of 2019 models?

Just curious if it’s a “discount” through Audi or better to wait for October to see if there are better deals coming. Seems like there is not much other incentive money for the Q5 this month.

What’s a good target for discount off MSRP on a 2019 Audi Q5? So far I’ve received quotes ranging from 3-12%. Is 12% a good discount or should I push and try for closer to 15% or something else? TIA.

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My broker got a deal for me with 12.9% off MSRP. I was told by a hacker here to push for 15%. You’re right about this month - there’s no incentives. Maybe there will be next month or just wait for the Audi’s holiday event in November.

I’m currently finalizing a deal on a 2019 Q5 Premium Plus and wanted to poll the group to see if this is a good deal. I am currently debating between purchase/lease. I have copied the relevant info below for a 36/12 lease.

MSRP: 52,450
Sale Price: 43,100
Residual: 51%
MF: .00031

Is the discount off of MSRP a good deal or should I try and do better. Also, what does the group think on lease vs buy with the 51% residual? I feel like it’s pretty low and I might be better off purchasing?

17.8% off MSRP is pretty decent. I am only able to get 15%.

I believe there is also a $750 lease rebate. If you get Audi care, you’ll get 1% bump in RV. IMO, leasing is better than purchasing. You can also apply MSDs to lower MF which is already pretty decent.