Audi Q4 Configurator is now live!

one is German, one is ugly and takes design cues from Chrysler 200 and one doesn’t really exist.

again 2 cars that don’t exist, one comes from a company that just had to recall every EV they made and the other can’t make a roof stay on on anything they released in the recent past.

And the whole “beavers” thing, personally i got tired of the whole grill argument. It’s the same whining when Audi went big grill, Acura’s “beak”, etc. It’s out of the “we had nothing to bitch about so we are going to nitpick at the stupidest things” category.

The EQS, Q4, and iX don’t “exist yet” either, so that’s a moot point to bring up with the Hummer and Lightning.

I’ve questioned your sanity with 99% of the posts you make on this forum, and defending those 3 really seals the deal.

Ah yes, the someone disagrees with me, so they must be insane. So I’m going to take part of their post and make fun of them. Mr. “germans lost their minds” while “Taycan is an attractive car”

I’m so glad that companies don’t listen to the “enthusiasts” and make what normal people actually want.

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I’m genuinely curious to hear what your tastes are. Nissan Leaf? Mitsubishi Outlander? What makes your clock tick?

Beavers, Dodge Intrepids, and anonymous 2010 crossovers.

I once a picture of a flooded Dodge intrepid as part of a beaver damn, almost jizzed myself right on the spot.

Well sir, does BMW have a lineup for you.

The Q4 isn’t big in the US market yet, but they’ve been on the roads overseas for a while.

Sonos Architectural series is fantastic.


Where? I’m in a car forum w/ international participants, and this is news to me.

It looks way better than the Model Y, but if you want awd, power lift gate, and bird eye view, it’s $56k.

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The Audi qualifies for the $7500 dollar federal tax credit and state incentives, the Tesla only the latter. You give up some range, though.


Yes… but I assume not actually on the road yet, right? Other post indicated that Q4s were already “running around” in other countries.

People on the etron Facebook group have been talking about driving their cars around

I’m a bit of an audio snob, so I got these over the Sonos. After moving 4 times since I got them, it’s really a pain in the ass to uninstall them and reinstall them. Really wish I saved the money and the headache.

Well I assume as these cars are immediately available for purchase and sale, so I assume driving as well.

Love my Sonos systems. Wouldn’t say they’re the best EVER, but they sound pretty damn good. My Playbar + 2 rears + sub is IMMERSIVE. The Move, a “portable” speaker, has deep bass and good clarity. I don’t think they make a bad product.

Now, is it better than B&O or HK, that I couldn’t say…

I bet it was cheaper with Sonos making all kinds of cost concessions to get into an Audi. And Audi needed to keep the costs low to get under a certain MSRP threshold, match made in heaven for the bean counters.

I am curious how many of these audio partnerships are anything more than just licensing the logo to sell slightly upgraded stereo systems for a high profit through brand recognition.

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I like it and I think configured the way I want it puts it in line price wise with the Model Y after you factor in the $7500 federal tax incentive. I will say with the Tesla you are getting a better charging network, more power, and better software, but with my current Bolt I’ve used a CCS charger 1 time in my year of leasing so that makes charging network a nonfactor.

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Why you had to do this to me - now I am torn between ordering the Model 3 or the Audi Q4. Did they mention the Q4 range anywhere - not a single statement on the latter in the Audi website …