Audi Q4 Configurator is now live!

Here is the link to the configurator. Seems like the only great luxury lease to hack for 2022, considering the new EV rebates, as long as you don’t mind one of the four color options.


Jeez, that’s a hell of a step back in design from an e-tron GT.


A bit odd to compare the design of a low volume high end luxury sports sedan to a mass market cute-ute, don’t ya think?


It’s a vw id.4 in audi drag.

That’s being generous. They changed almost nothing.

Every single body panel, completely different interior… hell, it even gets window switches for each window.

But yes, it’s got the same silhouette and the underpinnings are the same.


I like it. I find it funny that in the name of getting MSRP to a certain point basic features like power seats are in a premium package, So realistically premium plus with convenience package is the bare minimum for this car, and honestly I would discount 40 model completely as it’s speed is sub-par. I’m not talking about racing traffic light to traffic light, but 7.9 seconds? Seriously?


Interesting… it appears SONOS is now in the automotive audio space with the launch of this fella.

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Damned configurator is not well built, but I think Q50 Premium with Convenience checks all the standard luxo boxes I expect.

The price difference between it and a premium plus is so minimal, it’s probably only worth it to go that option on a lease if the rv is way better on a premium (as is often the case with audi)

Aren’t those the ikea speaker people?

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They used to be “high end” hipster targeted product, but I guess they are starting to run out of suckers so looking to branch out to ikea. I’m surprised Audi is doing experiments on a line that’s supposed to be the future.

They dominate the space for $200-400 wireless/smart/BT speakers … TBH IDK why they partnered with IKEA and diluted their brand with pretty cheap looking product.

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Sonos was never really “high end”, maybe premium in the way Beats by Dre are. They are decent sounding speakers to the non-audiophile but have great marketing. Sonos is largely known for multi-room speaker systems (being able to play the same thing in multiple rooms without lag). Now with AirPlay 2, you can stream from your phone to multiple speakers on your WiFi network so there isn’t really a need for their core product hence the expansion to cheap speakers for Ikea and the automotive world (Audi).

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My Sonos ARC soundbar sounds pretty good.

And my pair of SL speakers in my office aren’t too shabby either.

No, they’re not going to compete with a $5000 amp/preamp/speaker setup, but for the price what is comparable? And also so simple to set up?

PS. Not everyone has an iphone, so Airplay 2 doesn’t work in every household.

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That was the main selling point of sonos I belive, the simplicity of the whole thing. And sound wise they are very on par with their price level.

was going to say that, but then decided screw it, not worth the effort it takes to type up just to hear how everyone should have one, it’s the most innovative blah blah blah.

Can’t take the full NJ ev rebate if you literally add a single thing. This is a no go.

Haven’t seen a frumpy design out of Audi before. Something is in the water in Germany, they have all started producing dogs.

I actually don’t mind these 3, the Q4 is a little “round” for my taste, but not bad. The issue with EVs is going to be a compromise between design, drag and keeping “iconic parts” while separating the EV from ICE. It’s a fine dance that I have a feeling will take a few iterations to sort out full based on feedback.

Beavers, Dodge Intrepids, and anonymous 2010 crossovers should not be key design inspiration.

I don’t think it’s fair to blame looks on drag, when there’s vehicles like the Hummer EV and F150 lightning that clearly don’t need to abide closely to those rules.

Likewise, there’s attractive EV’s on the market, like the Taycan, Tesla’s, Lucid. Germans really don’t care about their craft anymore, they figure that if they produce a car with 4 wheels with a fancy badge on it, it’ll sell like hot cakes in China and the USA.