Audi A3 Deal Check

Hello Everyone: Please let me Know if I should do this deal below for an Audi A3 Premium Sedan
If I’m able to bring this payment from $519.55 Per month to $480.00 with 9,000 DAS, Would that be a decent deal. Please understand they are evaluating my car at 7k with equity to the down payment and I will add an additional 2k.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks guys

$819/mo effective on a $40k car must be the record for the worst deal.


Even at $480 a month (how did you arrive at that figure?), that’s a total cost of $25,800 to drive a $39,975 MSRP car for just three cars. The lease looks even worse if they really are offering a $2,398 dealer discount.

The base money factor on this car is .00331 (7.94% APR). You’re better off financing it from a third-party lender such as a credit union or a good personal line of credit program. Much lower rate.

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I’ve never seen these calculators being correct. Get in contact with a salesman

No, you should not do this deal above.


Holy moly what money factor are they charging??? $9K down on a $40K car and the payment is still $500/mo? That’s robbery. OP, you’re better off financing this car, full stop.


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if you want it, buy it,


Wow, You guys are quick and super awesome! I just want an affordable A3 lol With the black optic package. Where do you think I should aim for on a financing side?

the a3 is a entry level audi?

Yeah. I have an accord 2021 SE in sonic gray, I guess I’ll stay with that, Unless there are other recommendations.

If afs has a subvented APR, take that if you can’t line up financing yourself. I also made a thread about finding financing.

With the best possible rate, on a 72 month loan, you’d be around the same monthly as this lease. You’d be paying a similar amount to own the car vs rent it :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you check with @AutoLeaseNinjas , there was an A3 at 10% off awhile back.




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If you want the A3, finance it. AFS is at 1.99% which is quite good right now.

Don’t forget to pick up your free audi care through the Costco deal.

Anyone care to explain why buying the A3 is better than the q5?(Obviously not a loaded q5) Would basically price out to the same, considering brokers are offering 10% off them with 0.99% finance rates

I have a soft spot for the RS3/A3. The RS3 especially holds its value quite well, and I see the new generation in my future purchase list.


Unless you really hate it, I’d do that. If I may ask, why are you looking to get out of a 2021 Accord? Is it just to extract the equity?

As others have pointed out, this deal is not that.


Mine is coming end of august :slight_smile:


If only it was a rwd biased awd then rs3 would be incredible

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