NYCLIFE Brokering, [New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut]

Hey Everyone,

Most of you all know me, but I decided to make my own broker post as everyone has but me just so everyone knows who I am and what I do.

So I am a broker like various other people on this forum, my goal is to get you a great deal and for you not to have to worry about the hassle of negotiating. Even if you don’t need any help from me feel free to send me a PM on any advice or tips you need from me, i’d be happy to help.

Thank You Everyone,




What parts of California do you focus on? I live in Northern California, but most good deals are in Southern California.

I do both, however, it really depends on brand. So my northern california mercedes deals are much better than southern california. Likewise, my southern california BMW deals are a lot better than northern california. So it really depends

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Bless each and everyone one of them for making our hackr deals possible. They’re the real MVPs :slight_smile:


Looking at your reputation on this forum, I may work with you near the end of summer if I don’t have luck on my own. Would you say your MB deals in NorCal are way better than socal ?

Since this is for broker reviews, it’s worth writing that his add is not reflective of his service. I wasn’t even asking for advice but potentially going to hire him. I guess he doesn’t need any more business.

NYCLIFE is a valuable member of the forum who has gotten hackrs amazing deals on all sorts of models. I’m guessing that you had unreasonable expectations of what was possible and decided that whatever model you wanted was possible at what you decided your budget was. XC90 isn’t going to happen at $500 a month, and I would go as far to say that is unreasonable considering how they have been leasing. You’re the first person who has been critical of NYCLIFE AFAIK, so I think you are an outlier


He outright ignored me. Yes, I asked if an XC 90 was achievable but I also asked what 3 row suvs were available in the 500 range. Rather than responding to my message he posted in the forum. His next message said he was out of the country and would respond on Tuesday or something. I sent a private message on Thursday with more detail and still nothing.

It’s not a big deal, writing my review of his lack of interaction. That’s why this is a topic, right…It’s worth noting I’ve received multiple PMs saying they had the same experience with him.


I’m sorry, but that’s exactly what happened. I’m sorry I didn’t give you my full attention, but I have a lot of clients who have a little more realistic expectations. So I rather not spend my time trying to convince people to move their budget when I have other clients that I can can help.

PS: you are trying to dog me, and tried from the beginning when I didn’t respond to your message looking for an XC90 under 500 p/m


You snipped a small portion of my pm. I asked about multiple vehicles, and then wrote another with greater detail outlining possibilities but would like your insight, clearly you don’t have time for additional clients. That’s ok, you could have just said so.

You only mentioned the XC90 as a car you like, you mentioned other 3 rows all you didn’t like. Hope you find your car! Enjoy your night! Feel free to post messages

Feedback and reviews are useful. Even when they aren’t good. As far as most of us are concerned, @nyclife has an absolutely stellar reputation and invests an immense amount of time for his clients and for this site. I don’t see this review changing that.

@ursus and @vhooloo you are both like the old guys from the muppets. Never change, please.


Tell me I wasn’t being reasonable…

Hello again, I’d simply like to know what is reasonable and yes, I’ve searched plenty on this site. I realize incentives vary greatly from month to month but if mfg’s have pull ahead, I’d be willing to act sooner rather than waiting until July. Please let me know what my expectations with you would be for a QX60, GX 460, XC 90, X5, MDX. If you’d like to discuss, message back and I’ll give you my cell.

That wasn’t your first message … after you dogged me here.

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So you didn’t read my second?

I’m not sure why @nyclife would choose to work with you now after this exchange? If he does, he’s a far better person than I would be in the same situation.


You guys/gals are taking this personal. It’s a review for brokers and I posted. I wasn’t going to use him if he’s unresponsive even before hiring. Posting a review, I’m not being nasty, only stating facts for others.

I’m done posting about this.


Let’s try to keep the thread specific to broker reviews so it’s helpful for other users later on. Nobody is going to want to read through 30 messages of banter.

If you had a bad experience, post the reason you felt the experience didn’t meet your expectations, and then allow him to either make it right or clarify why he wasn’t able to help. It should only take one single post to include specifics around why the experience was unsatisfactory.


@DizzyFish, @tarungos - this is Dealer/Broker Reviews thread. PM him directly.