Aston Martin under $2k



Someone was mentioning exotic lease hacking a while back right?

Got this email from the local exotic car dealer in St. Louis:

The double astriek is the typical disclaimer: ** 24 month lease Via Ally Bank, excludes tax, registration and inception fees, and subject to approval**

Anyone wanna hack it? :stuck_out_tongue:

BMW M5 First Edition

LMAO not at his price…It needs like 10,000 miles a year for 1,700 + TTL over 24 months for this to be hackr worthy…


What dealer ? I got a killer deal on my 911 and they are hard to find here in so cal. Most of thee cars are super soft and deals want them gone as they cost tons in flooring.



I can’t look at Aston Martins without seeing cheap Fords anymore… It’s a shame because they’re really quite good looking


Another email, this time for an Aston demo at $254k MSRP for about $1700 a month before tax with 24 months and 5k a year.

Later on in the email mentions $5k down, so that’s how I got the $1700 a month.

Not too shabby!


Not too shabby at all for an AM; nice color too.


Have you dealt with this dealership before? I don’t want to waste their time but it would be great intel to figure out what kind of discount is involved there, how demo miles depreciate the RV and so forth.


Besides having my Lotus there for a buyer inspection 4 years ago, no real interaction. It’s just the only dealer that I’ve never unsubscribed from emails cause they always post gorgeous cars. :slight_smile:

Someone has already contacted me asking to forward the contact info, so maybe a hackr will get it after all.


That’s an amazing deal. Wow.


Time to get a significant cash event. What percentage of income should a car lease payment be?


Annnnnnnnnd it’s gone.


The person who pm’d you took it?


Apparently he was trying to call back to place a deposit and it was sold from under him. :frowning:


Ah that’s too bad. My mom keeps flirting with the idea, I think it will require me taking her for a test drive. If I get numbers I will share for posterity.


A demo and 5k miles a year …? Why would you ever do this deal ?


Because… it’s a 600hp new Aston Martin for the price of an M5? Or what some people probably pay on an M3 :laughing:

Not to mention if actually bought the car would get hosed on depreciation. A $1500-1700 lease would be a great buy in this situation. Apparently the residual drops just 1% going to 7500 miles, and 2% going to 10,000 miles. So if you want more miles it’s not bad.


That’s nice! Hung that lifestyle up a not too long ago so be sure to pick me up the day you lease it. Thanks!


I get that but understand the maintenance etc. I’m not knocking the deal it’s a great deal I’m just saying . If you have bucks to burn with only 5k DAS or even 8kDAS it’s great but add up the rest and much much higher than a BMW m6 etc. just my 2 cents


How many services? 1 “recommended” service at 10k on a total 10k total mile lease.