Aston Martin under $2k



Who drives 500 miles a month ? Tires , brakes etc let it go man it was just my thoughts if you like it buy it.


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For most people this would be a 2nd or 3rd car, hence why the lower mileage would suffice.

The reality for me is that I always find myself gravitating towards the nicest car and finding excuses to drive it. I personally would do 10k a year knowing myself.

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The tires go up before 10k? If the brakes are carbon ceramic they last 100k don’t they?

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2 year lease on an exotic I highly doubt the maintenance would be much.


5K miles / year is more than enough for an exotic. I have never driven an Aston Martin but I would not want to do more than joy rides in an exotic . Most feel like as if they don’t have any suspension at all…


If 10k miles isn’t much more it would
Be way more worth it. Dope car for the price. Don’t kid yourself about driving 5k miles a year. I got my performante in April and it hit the 5k mile make last week. Having a car like that you will find any excuse to drive it.


I know. I bet that lambo rides so nice.


I have a 991 C2S and have put 14k miles on it in 4 years.

These dealerships offer these mileage options as their ideal customer has multiple cars to split the mileage with.

5k is standard for exotics/supercars.


To each their own… I have a 2yr old c2s with almost 30k miles… I guess it all depends on where you live and why you bought the car.


Which Aston Martin dealership is this?


STL Motorcars in Chesterfield MO


Compared to a 2k Gtr lease I was quoted I think that’s a great deal for that Aston.


What exotics are you referencing? I daily drove my 15 GT3 and it was doable even in chicago roads, the more luxurious 911 turbo is unfathomably comfortable for any car let alone a world class super car, my performante is regular mode isnt even a neck breaker. WIth adjustable suspensions those days are in the past, the only car in my current fleet thats too “tough” is my 16 M3, ludicrously stiff.


I was talking about f360 and f430. They are both very stiff with bad visibility. Prior generation vette was somewhat similar . That said , I am comparing them to typical daily drivers and for my own commute ( 100 miles) . I am planning to upgrade to 530e from my current i3 ( need carpool) just because I want more comfort . Never had a 911 .


How did you get on their mailing list? Maybe I should sign up in case another offer like this pops up :slight_smile: The 1799/month 0 down deal for the Vantage pales in comparison for this.


Would you mind sharing the lease deal you got on your 911?


On one hand you talk about adjustable suspension at the push of a button and how it can make a car daily drivable, then talk about how an M3 is too harsh. Interesting statement when a M3 has the same type of adjustable suspension.


Yes it does but the settings are, stiff, too stiff, and unreasonably stiff. Which sucks because a car no longer needs to be that stiff to have good handling, its like they try to fool the driver into equating stiffness with good handling, whereas much better handling cars such as any porsche can be smoother and better handling at the same time.

I have a 16 M3 without the adjustable suspension and an 18 with it, the difference is barely noticeable even on full comfort between the 16 and 18


Got another Aston deal email today. Comes out to around $1400 per month before tax on a $163k vantage.


Man looks like a great deal. Best to roll everything into the monthly to take advantage of the first three months free