Asking the HACkrs: 2021 BMW M440i drive coupe

Soooo my 2018 CLA250 lease ends in two months! I was originally going to get a CLA45 amg but reading thru the forum they are a HORRible lease option, and I really think you BMW guys have got me on the hook!
I test drove some 4 series vehicles and I have narrowed it down to an 2021 M440i x drive coupe. I’ve scraped top the MF and RV’s and incentives (or lack there of lol) from Edmunds and think I have the right vehicle for my budget.
My question is that though this is fun and talking to dealers when I have the info they don’t want to go e me in actually pretty cool. Ive heard great things about BROKERS and it just seems so easy!
Its also very hard and time consuming for me to find out if this thing has the right packages in it from just looking at dealer sites with generic pictures or grainy pics of the window sticker! Is this something brokers are just better at or do they pay for more expensive search tools?

SO anyways basically just trying to get a direction with 2 months left is it smarter to go broker or try this my self in spare time around my 9-5? Thanks guys and yes this is my first post but I do have a pretty good understanding of how leasing works I think!

(oh ps I live in NH no taxes)

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There are many BMW brokers on here and they should have no issue telling you what options the vehicles they have available have.

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Ohh yes that such good news navigating these dealer sites and asking them to tell me what individual stock numbers have for specific options is like pulling teeth!

I think if you build the car you want on their website they will match you with the cars closest to your build.

Like access the BMW build tool but do that from within the dealers site not at

From bmwusa. The default is 50 miles but if you click you can expand to 100.

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Or this. :joy:

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Inventory is getting low. Do you have an idea of how many M440is with the options you want, and in your preferred color combination are at dealer lots near you? What is your budget (monthly, due at signing)? What pre-incentive discount are you expecting? Is it realistic? If you cannot answer any of these questions, then you have some work to do.

A few questions:

  1. Do you have loyalty?
  2. Do you have Penfed (there is a thread with info about signing up - There is a 60-day waiting period before you can generate your $500 incentive).

I would also recommend reading about BMW UDE (driving event) and OL codes.

If you can extend your CLA lease, it could help buy you some time.

Thank you for the reply Blue!

There are about 15 if I go into MA about 100 miles (also willing to go farther), and I am flexible on exterior colors not so much on interior tho almost all have black (which is my fave). I’m being told from the dealer the M440i’s will only ever come with real leather not that fake stuff. Sudbury MA has an ideal one, right in my range $60k-$68k, 140 days on the lot, all the options I require and I don’t believe anything I don’t want. Im attempting to work on deals other places until I get something I can leverage when I go to Sudbury, but of course just getting them to give quotes and stop asking me to come in for a test drive takes several emails and is getting time consuming.

  • My budget is 600 plus or minus about 50$
  • I do not have penfed but would definitely sign up if it would help to get some sort of lease credit, (checking for threads right now).
  • I do not own a bmw now but I do have a competing brand as my current lease if there is some type of conquest incentive that could be applied in Lou of the loyalty.
  • I scanned at at least two other member’s signed lease deals on a similar more expense units $67k msrp where as the ones im looking at seem to only be $65k or so and with tax they were both able to secure about $650/mo and neither were using MSDs and both had tax which I have no tax in NH and am willing to throw down the max MSD’s (7 I believe) if needed to reach my target. The MF last month was about .00010 better than this month tho from the looks of Edmunds :frowning:
  • It looks as tho the amount of my residual is actually within about 2 grand of what car max will give me and as I have about 1000 excess miles and questionable rubber im inclined to sell it to them instead of deal with possible fees associated with the return. (also looking for advice on this or if this is even allowed as I understand the lease contract says the price is good for ME not necessarily a third party).
  • As I have a 2020 jeep lease a Prius and Audi I own outright I really don’t want to extend the lease on the CLA if possible. I did however procrastinate :frowning: so I understand if two months is not enough to make a fully educated decision or give a broker enough time to work their magic.

Is there anything else I can do to get ready to do this or that I SHOULD have in place before I’m contacted by a broker?

What was the pre-incentive discount off MSRP on those deals? When were those deals signed?

So $650/month for how many miles per year? No money due at signing.? That might be challenging in this market.

Since you have multiple cars, it makes perfect sense not to extend the CLA lease. Got it.

Yes. Keep doing research. You might have to re-adjust your budget. Search broker deals in the “Marketplace” for May deals on this car. Most brokers include a link to a calculator. You can add or remove incentives you may or may not qualify for.

EDIT: Brokers are not just going to randomly start contacting you.

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@Sp1cyMcnu993t - I just did a quick search of the Marketplace. A broker is advertising 8% off MSRP + buy rate + incentives (Lease Cash is $1k). No conquest incentive. With MSDs, you are in the high $600s ($670ish) with about $2.6k DAS + MSDs for 10k miles per year.

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It looks like most of the deals in march were about 13-11% off msrp before incentives some were doing 10k and 12k which made it better but to be safe I think I want to keep it at 12k. The incentives seem about the same, clearly they aren’t needing to assist the dealers much to sell these products. Now to get to my target the only real way is to negotiate a better percentage off sticker I assume?
Knowing this is 140 plus days old unit best negotiated with the dealer that has it or should I still shop other dealers and attempt to try to do it as a locate then bring the deal to the dealer that has the vehicle?

I am now a member of PenFed that was super easy!

Forget March numbers. You will be lucky to get 8-9% off MSRP before rebates this month.

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I’ve never had luck getting a good deal through Sudbury.

The last time they had a car I really wanted, I went to the Boston location and they were able to get a deal done. More aggressive.

Also reach out to @Bostoncarconcierge. Mike brokers BMWs in the area.

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Thank you so much for the shout


@Sp1cyMcnu993t. - What is your time frame?

I would like to make a move at some point between now and the end of July, my lease is up July 23 I broke down and got some used tires put on the Benz that will let me turn it in with no issues. I also will have like 2000 excess miles tho, so if I get something done before the turn in that includes an even trade for my residual value that might save me the 20 cents a mile extra id have to pay if I just turned it in I think?

Since you have 60 days before you can generate a certificate, now is the time to really do some research. If you are not married to the beamer, check out the Audi A5/S5. I am not sure whether it will be within your budget, but you will also be able to generate a separate certificate to use with an Audi lease. The incentives vary based on model. I believe this month it is $1500 for the A5/S5.

Isn’t it just 30 days before a certificate will generate? I signed up Feb 27th this year and had a certificate generate on Mar 30th.

Nope. I signed up last year and I had to wait 60 days to generate a certificate. That has not changed since every time I generated a code, the fine print stated I needed to be a member for at least 60 days.

Are you sure you were able to generate a certificate with a valid code?