Ask a certain moderator to man up maybe?

There is a moderator who seems to like to close /lock threads unnecessarily and also when he’s not willing to answer for his contradictions he throws in the last word and locks the message thread in PM’s as well. I think I say for everyone we appreciate the moderators and the work they do, but this heavy-handed and dictatorship style being used by at least the one I have encountered needs to be curbed. He’s doing the LH community a disservice with his impatience and restrictions on open communication which is a (the?) primary function of a forum.
Thank you.

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I replied to that in that thread. Should I post the reply here too or would that be posting it too many places and have you lock the thread? Apparently posting a something remotely similar thing is multiple threads is not allowed by forum members but PERFECTLY ok for you to do? Where was that meme again? Oh yeah…image

Unfortunately that’s the case with most mods on every forum you will come across, it’s not specific to LH. I definitely don’t agree with it, but you have to understand that you’re in their domain and what they say goes. They usually don’t have control over stuff in their life and resort to over-policing online in order to feel important. It ends up killing the health of the forum – happens time and time again. I wouldn’t make a post like this, message someone like Michael directly to voice concerns.


Making multiple passive aggressive threads to complain about something you’re already discussing elsewhere really isn’t productive


I agree there usually is someone with a Napoleon complex moderating a lot of forums. The funny thing is I have never personally had a conflict with any of them before one here decided I was his special punching bag. As you can see, I am not the type to wilt and cower to such heavy-handed types. My experience with those guys on other forums is they quit if they are reprimanded because they are pretty thin-skinned in reality. Not sure what this specific mod’s issues are but he needs a hug.


I’ll say this because I haven’t been tracking what has been going on the last few days.

The moderators here are volunteers. Virtually all of us have full-time jobs and families that we take care of us as well. We help out here because we believe in the mission.

We do our best to keep this place manageable and organized in line with the rules @michael and @littleviolette have laid out. The volume of traffic has significantly spiked in the last couple of years, which is a great thing, but means it takes more time and effort to keep things organized so folks can find what they need. We are also human and sometimes screw up - it happens. I can almost guarantee it is not personal.

If you feel you can help us do a better job, nominate yourself the next time Michael is looking for moderators!


I made one post. It was in a place that was explained (not bu Ursus) was potentially damaging to the broker’s income and I asked (check the PM’s) how to remove it. Someone did it for me. So I posted in another thread unrelated to that broker. It was locked by Ursus IIRC. It was suggested I should post in offramp. I did and it appears that too isn’t a place to discuss “all things automotive”. Had he not locked that last thread after his snide comments I wouldn’t be here adding to this discussion.

We don’t have access to the PMs.

Keep in mind that there isn’t some great daily moderator tag up that goes on here. You posted the same thing across multiple threads, repeating it after the previously thread got closed. This looks an awful lot like spamming your complaint to me. Now, that may not be what your intent was, but I totally understand @Ursus 's actions here. That isn’t a personal attack.

To now go and make multiple passive aggressive posts complaining about the issue, particularly when it is already being discussed elsewhere, is totally unnecessary.

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Thank you for this thoughtful and accurate reply. I truly app the work you guys put in. I just have an issue with someone censoring me needlessly and making me feel like a target of his. I get the vibe stubbornness is a trait of his so I would likely fall out of my chair if he admitted as much.

I can screenshot and post I suppose but would want the other parties permission. Thanks for the clarification

You shouldn’t reply anywhere with your dealership review on this website. This forum isn’t Yelp or Google reviews. If you dealt with a specific broker/dealer that’s on here, you can post in their review thread.


If you want to discuss this further, keep it in the discussion that’s already going