As used car prices continue to soar let's reflect on the Great Positive Equity Wave of 2020. How did you do?

As we’ve all seen over the last couple of months, used car prices has been greatly inflated (due to shortages related to Covid-19, etc.) and many of us have capitalized by selling our leases before the end of the term for a profit due to the positive equity involved.
Whether it was to a physical dealership, or an online dealer (like Carvana, Vroom, or ALgo), it’s certainly been a unique set of circumstances as none of us expected to make money on a car.

I think we should share some of the deals on cars we’ve sold over the last few months (and new leases to replace them, if applicable).
One note, in order not to replicate the threads about selling to Carvana/Vroom/ALgo, I think we should limit this to to deals that have occurred only over that last couple months.

I’ll begin with a template of 2 leases that I’ve sold in the last month:

  1. Sell Date: August 2020
    2018 Jeep GC Laredo E, MSRP $38,500
    Lease summary: $310/$1800 DAS, 36/12
    Payments remaining: 9
    Payoff: 23,460
    Carvana offer: $27,226
    Positive Equity: $3,766
    Replaced with: 2020 Jeep GC North Edition, MSRP $40,500
    Lease Summary: $415/$415, 36/12

  2. Sell Date: Sept. 2020
    2018 Jeep GC Upland, MSRP $39,900
    Lease Summary: $328/$328 DAS, 36/12
    Payments Remaining: 10
    Payoff: $24,512
    ALgo offer: $27,700
    Positive Equity: $3,188
    Replaced with: 2020 Jeep GC High Altitude, MSRP $54,200
    Lease Summary: $496/$496 DAS, 36/12
    Link to deal


Sell Date: August 31 2020
2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport, MSRP $38,810
Lease summary: $316/$316 DAS, 36/10
Payments remaining: 30
Payoff: $34,500
Carvana offer: $39,500 beaten by
Rodo offer: $39,600
Positive Equity: $5,100 + $316 security deposit


Wow… Rodo offered above original MSRP for the used car …
Kudos :+1:


Sell Date: August 2020
2019 Gensis G70, MSRP $45,170
Lease summary: $356/$356 DAS, 36/12
Payments remaining: 28
Payoff: $29,491
Dealership matched Vroom offer: $34,741
Replaced with : 2020 Nissan Sentra, MSRP $24,480
Lease Summary: $239/$239, 36/12
Positive Equity: $5250 (Dealership cut check directly to me)


Wow, I had no idea Rodo also makes offers

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Sell Date: September 2020
2019 Hyundai Sonata PHEV, MSRP $35000
Lease summary: $210/$210 DAS, 36/12
Payments remaining: 35
Payoff: $21479
Vroom Offer: $23479
Positive Equity: $2,000
Replaced with : 2020 Honda CR-V EX-L, MSRP $32000
Lease Summary: $328/$328 DAS, 36/12

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Maybe I’m not getting it here.
So you replaced cheap leases with much higher priced leases on similar cars with similar MSRPs.
Doesn’t this effectively wash out the extra money you made over the course of the 36 mo. lease?

  1. Sell Date: July 2020
    2018 Mini Cooper Countryman S All4, MSRP ~$41,000
    Lease summary: $325/325 DAS, 36/12
    Payments remaining: 6
    Positive Equity: $250
    Replaced with : 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie, MSRP $62,000
    Lease Summary: effectively $502/$502 DAS (payment is $522 - $500 bullet liner - $250 bonus drive)
  2. Sell Date: Sept. 2020
    2019 Jeep GC Limited, MSRP $44,000
    Lease Summary: $400/$400 DAS, 39/12
    Payments Remaining: 21
    Payoff: $29,000
    ALgo offer: $32,000
    Positive Equity: $2,925 (algo tow charge $75)
    Replaced with : Nothing yet looking at cars, saving on insurance/monthly payment since we only need one car atm etc.

Made out ok. Wish my countryman had a year or so left and I probably could’ve made money on it based on recent countryman deals here. Anyways my numbers could be slightly off, don’t have them logged anymore now that all the sales are finalized. Wish I had a Tacoma or Gladiator to make 5k on lol.

Sold two Ioniqs made 3k on each

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Well if you look closely, the replacement for #1 had a $2000 higher MSRP, and we still come out about $2000 ahead even with higher payment (so no “wash out” there at all). Of course I knew that selling high would mean the new car’s payment would be higher. In fact, I directly address it in a post here:

For #2, I made a conscious decision to get a nicer car, and after applying the positive equity and BonusDrive, the new payment is about $70 more… and I’m not sure how you figure $39k and $54K to be similar MSRPs…


fair enough. thanks for the explanation. Idk why but I didnt see the 54K msrp the first time around I thought I saw 40k

Sell Date: September 2020
2017 Dodge Charger hellcat, MSRP $73,725
Lease summary: $650/$2000 DAS, 36/12
Payments remaining: (extended 1 month)
Payoff: 44,655
Sold to CDJR Dealer: 53,000
CDJR dealer sold immediately: $57,500
Positive equity: $8,xxx

Replaced with : 2006 e55 amg 58k miles $17k (seller needed to get rid of it in a hurry, current market is about $20-$22k and covid hasn’t really changed the market, these cars are $20k cars since about 2016… depreciation curve flat and trending upwards)

Also hunting for m5/charger wb/charger redeye wb lease.

Up on the chopping block

2018 f150 platinum (swapaleased)
Lease summary $450/0 das 36/10.5k
Payments remaining: 3
Payoff $44,xxx
C/O $49,xxx
Equity: $3,xxx

Need winter vehicle/extra vehicle, will sell if I get an m5 at the right price, otherwise I’ll ride it out until December +2 month extension, normal payment is $650+/mo for one of these.


Which data shows leveling off?


A number of data points in the Carvana/Vroom threads. I know it’s anecdotal, but I saw the Carvana/Vroom offer on my car plummet over $2000 in just a couple weeks. ALgo was still high, but I think most are seeing lower offers.
A couple of the dealers I spoke to about my new car also told me that they’re seeing prices begin to normalize.

06 e55. Wow.

I’ll spare you the boring mod details :joy:, but it’s making 700 to the wheels and weighs 500 lb less than the cat. Really just a transition car for me at the moment, if I lease a wb or m5 I’ll just sell this one to my dad. Great car just skittish on reliability.

Or flip it and turn 8k into 13k.

I think your premise is wrong. Your one-off personal experience does not a trend make.

Sell Date: July 28th 2020
2019 Subaru Outback 2.5i, MSRP $27,585
Lease summary: $238/$0 DAS, 36/15
Payments remaining: 23
Payoff: $20,230
Carvana offer: $24,355
Positive Equity: 4,125

Replaced with: 2019 Mercedes Sprinter passenger van.

Ok but I didn’t only provide a one-off personal anecdote.

Return Date: 9/24/20
Vehicle: Mercedes C300
MSRP: $46k
Lease price: $39k
Residual: $27.7k
Negative equity: $5-6k
Mileage: 23k (30k allowed)

Replaced with:
2019 BMW 740i
Mileage: 18.6k
MSRP: $85k
Purchase: $39.5k

Leasing makes no sense when mileage is unused and many of us are not driving much due to COVID, which may impact for many more months.

Happy to buy after original owner took 55% hit on depreciation.