Are these Ram deals bad?

I am looking for cheapest monthly payments and need a car now, but are these Ram deals the worst considering the times were are in now? They are $3k down + TTL. Also I have to order it (3-5 weeks delivery). Thanks for input.

PS: I am looking at the quad cab for under $300/month… I’m looking for cheapest lease payment, above all else right now. (and need a truck/suv or van).

Read the fine print, doesn’t include tax/title/license etc, so tack on a few grand to that “amount down”

I can’t read the fine print but do the homework, use the calculator, and see how the deal lines up.

Right now, you should be able to achieve at a minimum 7-8% discount off of MSRP before rebates are applied. You should also have no problem getting base MF.

Reach out to Clutch or one of the other Ram brokers on here if you don’t want to do too much more digging. Clutch was offering ~12% discounted in stock Big Horns earlier this month.

Mark Dodge was doing 23% off on purchases earlier this month

I’m assuming on Laramie trims?

correct, and they still are doing them

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Wish they had more lease support on the Laramies. I’d take one home if I could get like 15%

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you know its 12-13% + rebates its more than 15%+ :joy:

no excuse now

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Nah I’m being the obnoxiously cheap shopper, give me 15% before rebates!

I know it’s not there, I just wish it was :slight_smile:

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We can offer 13.5% off orders prior to incentives.

That’s what the “other stuff” is. (I changed it to TTL, still learning the lingo)

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