Signed- 2022 Ram 1500 Laramie SW- MSRP $66,015- $1,000 down; $486/month

Just signed on my April order from @Clutch southern dealer. Incredible experience from start to finish. Shopped around for several weeks before placing my order after my previous Ram was damaged in a hail storm. @Clutch was the only person willing to lock in the incentivized programs for my benefit.

I got extremely lucky with this deal, as discounts changed after I ordered, there were two price increases, MF stayed level, rebates increased (thanks to a Ram coupon) and I was able to get an acquisition fee waiver.

Here are the details of my deal:

Window Sticker $66,015 (attached)
POC: $64,900
Rebates: $3,950
Due at Signing: $1,000 (deposit)
Monthly Payment: $486.02
Term 36/10

I paid the $500 broker fee and $900 to ship to my driveway in Kentucky.

Total effective payment: $552.69

These incentivized programs are phenomenal, interest rates are increasing everywhere and I was able to get into a $66,000 for well under 1%.


Great deal. I had a slightly higher MSRP back in April and I’m paying $630 after deposit and Monthly taxes. Thank high gas prices! Love the truck, though.

Great scoop. I have a similar optioned for ~570.

Jealous my rebates were far less in NJ

Damn that’s a good deal!!!


My KY tax situation helps compared to NJ. Looking forward to getting it out and driving it.

Great price


Very good deal . Congrats


I guess Ram has like 80 days of inventory on the lots, great news

How do you enjoy it?? It being towards the bottom of the JD power reliability has me worried to order one for my dad, but I haven’t heard bad things? Sounds like you’ve owned a few? Appreciate your input!

JD Power is just one publication. I just researched the 2022 model and it was in the middle. The GM/Chevrolet product was first, Ram second and F150 third.

The 2019 and 2020 Ram (same generation as current) were both named Motor Trend “Truck of the Year” and they 3-peated in 2021 with the TRX.

My truck arrived at 9pm last night, I’ve put 18 miles on it and I’m very pleased so far. For the price point and options I was able to add for <$500 I feel I got an amazing deal.

My dad who has been a Chevy Truck lifer commented on how it was his favorite truck he has been in. So take that for what it’s worth.


The new RAM platform is a solid product. I put a few hundred miles on my TRX, and really enjoyed the hard product - power train not withstanding in that evaluation.

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I’ve had one of those this year as well. Just couldn’t justify the $1,300 payment as a keeper.

I also had a highly equipped Big Horn that was damaged in a hail storm.

Needless to say I’ve had too many FCA products this year.

A TRX and the traditional 1500 are quite different from each other, though closely related. Chassis, suspension, shocks, transmission, engine (obviously), gearing, etc. have all be changed. It could be argued that the TRX is nearly a different platform from the 1500.

I’ll echo @wantingadeal - I loved my truck, but I couldn’t justify the TRX as a keeper (and my numbers were much better than what we’ve been seeing these past few months).

These trucks are great deals. My 63k 2022 Laramie, that I got 2 months ago, is a 36/12 deal at 499 with $1500 at signing. Truck is awesome. Very differently spec’d than yours but none the less it’s great. Rides way better than my previous Wrangler.


Good to see a decent a lease. It really throws me off not seeing new leases being posted on “share deals & tips” any longer. Enjoy the new ride my friend!

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Does @Clutch have a thread for these? I would love to lease a decent spec Ram

Just put together a build and submit it on his website.

I think he’s at 12ish% off plus rebates and everything is lockable this month.

@Clutch can confirm

Super, thank you!

Thank you this is all I needed to hear from some hackers here. Think I’m going to snag 2, one for myself also.

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the 4 corner air suspension is a great option on the laramie SW edition to add for improved vehicle dynamics and ride quality.

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