Are the great Buick Encore deals gone?

Trying to narrow down budget choices for my daughter and saw the incredible previous Encore deals, but have heard the incentives have been knocked down. Can anyone confirm if the current deals are anywhere close to previous deals? Really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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Nothing yet. No idea whent they will be back incentives went from 6k to like 3k

On the west coast for July they are almost back to where they were this spring… $20 more / month as long as you have a comp lease or loyalty.

I’m looking for an Equinox for my mom in NYC, just not seeing the same incentives yet.

Dealer down the freeway from me in So. Cal is advertising Encore Preferred for $119+tax with $896 due at signing. 24 month deal. As noted by @BiggL that includes competitive lease or loyalty.

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Thanks for all the replies guys! Need to get my daughters choices down to a few models but the Buick is intriguing. The only problem is she really wants heated seats and that’s only available in the highest trims (Essence and above). Preferred won’t cut it.

You can always go after market for heated seats, that goes for any car.

Just make sure it won’t affect the warranty on electrical issues…

Cheap garbage with no R&D installed by some hack with no real training? Sign me up!

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End up with Pants on Fire ? :smile:


Yeah that’s exactly what I meant, find the cheapest and most unreputable company to do the install. Preferably some random guy walking down the street.

Dealers here in Louisiana are not prepared to make a deal anything even remotely close to what was being had earlier this year. I’m scouring for a car for my wife with no luck.

Yeah, I compared the incentives in the March deal listed Here on LH and the current incentives listed in Edmunds and it seems about 3k lower in total now. Plus MF is slightly higher (but just slightly) as per Edmunds. Oh well.

Mark Christopher Buick in Ontario, Ca. 24 months, 10k/yr ==> $119/month with $896 total drive-off

I have a dealer advertising $49 monthly with 1900 due at signing, but wont respond and keeps sending automated email asking when would i like to come testdrive lol

Master blaster, how is that even possible, and they say they have 15 at that offer, so it’s not a single loss leader car. The incentives they list don’t get it close to that pmt. Wow, need a dealer like that here in NYC/LI area.

They must have some sort of volume based incentive going with the OEM. I believe that you need an existing lease to get the deal though.

Mark Christopher is one of those high-volume dealers of which there are a few in SoCal. I suspect that the price is good as advertised.

By the way, even though prices are good in SoCal, I suspect that volume-dealer deals in the Michigan area are even better.

keep trying to find a decent deal on encore preferred AWD. But still getting closer to $250/m 24m with $2300-2500 due at signing. Not sure what i am doing wrong, tried competitive lease, vendor pricing, etc. Still can’t get anywhere close to spring deals here in NY.

The rebates are between 3300 to 3800 … for that deal you need at least 5500 rebate and also a dealer willing to discount them that much.