Are dealerships giving buyers not brokers, any deals these days?

Hello, I’m purchasing (cash) a new bmw x6. I’m just curious if I should expect them to knock down some from MSRP even it will be custom built. I’m in California, is this unheard of?

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Buyers can get the same deals that brokers can:
Pick 1

  • Spend 5 hours in EACH dealership weekly
  • Make bar buddies with the GM.
  • Hook the GM up with your cute younger sister.

Then you too can get the same deals.


Just pay the broker $500 and save yourself the time.


I have seen LOTS of “my friend works at a dealership” offers that were atrocious :laughing:


Then that guy wasn’t a ‘buddy’ lol.
My cousin knew the GM of Toyota because the guy got gas from his station once a week and he got the most incredible deal.


How is this different from your last thread?


So….be a broker?

@JohnCaza what should he aim for?


We have rules, this isn’t ‘nam.
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I love the “buddy” deals. They’re usually the easiest to beat…

I’m sure that caused some friendship animosity though. I know if my “buddy” offered me a car for $5000 more then some random stranger I would reassess that relationship

When I used to do a lot of real estate investing the buddy mortgage deals were always redic too


What have you done in your process to come to this conclusion?

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Don’t pay cash if you want to save $$.

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You pay a broker and they work for YOU. A Salesperson works for the dealership.

A friend of mine was recently looking at a 2023 530i (the outgoing model) in South Florida. His cousin is in a sales management position at a dealership down there (I don’t know if it is SM, GSM, GM…). Every time they talk his cousin gives him the “when you are ready for a BMW, then come down and I’ll hook you up.” There is another BMW dealer closer to where he lives, so he and his wife test drove the car there. My friend sent me the lease worksheet from both dealers. Now to be fair, the dealer he test drove the car at had some in stock while his cousin’s dealer did not. His cousin offered him MSRP minus the $1,500 lease incentive while the other dealer offered him over $5K off sticker then the $1,500 lease incentive.

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Well, Ive sent my build code to several dealerships, none are willing to go below msrp. Spoke with a local broker, but only one, he said he couldn’t get a deal on this model.

I’m just wondering if I should give up and pay MSRP,which kills me to do, or wait few months so it’s not considered a just released car,
Thanks any advice is appreciated

Dealer’s are generally more inclined to discount a car that they have in stock. This was true pre covid, and it is slowly starting to go back to that norm now. If the dealer you are communicating with has other X6’s in stock, you can try to score a discount on one of those. If that’s not an option, try another dealer or bite the bullet at MSRP (if you must have the custom build)

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Msrp on a 530? So they both screwed him, it was Florida thoigh you said :joy:


My math shows less than an 8 day supply of X6s on the ground in the US.

What do the brokers/BMW dealers in the marketplace tell you when you ask about discounts on an X6?


If you want a specific build, broker won’t beat it, dealer won’t drop the price, that should tell you something…

We don’t get paid unless we get you the car. So if they could beat it they def would try, unless you rubbed them the wrong way in your communication.

$60,000 ish