Are Acura, Infiniti, and Buick still premium

Doesn’t matter what the numbers that got to the end product are.

This is foul. I can’t imagine paying this kind of money for a TLX. Gross


Don’t forget to add “Type-S”

P.S. - this thread might go the other Type-S & Integra thread way quickly

Ultimately paying double the price of an A Spec just for more hp, adaptive damper, larger rims and a few other suspension and exterior tweaks. Interesting choice.

Yikes. For as much as I like Acura I could never bring myself to pay that much for one.

I wonder if he thinks he got a deal paying over $800+ a month for an ACURA!!!

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Most dealers are 10k over list. This is a strong deal on the car.

I know you broker Acuras, but one would have to be a god damn fool to pay anywhere near that, this is a terrible deal for an inflated Honda.
Jesus, everyone just get a 4XE for 3 years and make these car dealers beg you for your business, like the good ole days. Make Leasing Great Again.


Sometimes it’s important to differentiate between a good deal and a good value. This may be the best deal available for the vehicle and represents the best possible number you can get to for this. That, of course, doesn’t make this a good value.

There are some cars that you’d never lease because they’re so expensive for what they offer, even if you’re paying less than every one else in the world.


Good deal/value or not, I just don’t think I can wrap my head around the current market for everything. Cars and homes are absolutely insane, homes are worse because you can’t just give it back in 3 years. It’s laughable to see how people are completely fine with over paying.


The most people in the housing market have never seen the value of houses go down. Circa pre-2008.

Thus not afraid to overpay.

Some people just want to spend whatever for that new hot gadget. Not worrying about good value or the best value.

Maybe the type s nostalgia, maybe just bad with $$ & sense who knows.

As the OP says, the person had 2021 TLX a-spec, he is just Acura fanboy.

Not if you drive like this…

P.S. - that is the new Type S




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I sold Acuras briefly when I first started in the industry and I couldn’t fathom leasing any TLX for more than a very nicely equipped BMW 330i or maybe even a M340.


Honestly people are better off getting a 330i over the tlx, the tlx is too big to be sporty


Throttle House did a recent review with the TLX, G70, and Stinger and the TLX was embarrassed by the other two cars. Throw a German car into the mix and it is even uglier.


I saw that and I was disappointed for the TLX, assuming it was a good-faith comparo.

I know I’ve said before that Acura doesn’t incentivize leases and would prefer you to buy one, but by that same logic one could buy a G70 or Stinger and keep it for longer under warranty.

Just shows how stupid consumers think. Iff you have to take the plunge for a very very very very good reason on purchasing a new car or house than I totally understand but some people don’t know prices or values of goods and services. I follow market trends on prices of everything, you would think there would be consumers who would understand the absolute price point of a good or service, but most do not. They do not know what fair market value is that because there us always someone willing to pay more, that’s called the greater fools theory. It’s happening across all asset classes, not just houses and cars. Sooner or later the market will eventually break and prices of all assets will collapse, no way no how can this uptrend continue, its just not possible.

Acura has always lagged behind their competition and when they try to catch up, their competitors put their foot down even harder. Other than liking their styling, there is no good reason to buy or lease an Acura over any other “premium” brand. I am honestly surprised Acura is still a brand considering the sales have been consistently dropping since 2005 and selling only 150k/yr is not going to cut it when the average price is $40k. And they don’t sell cars outside of North America, so why should Honda keep dumping money in a weak brand unless the profit margins are crazy high.

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you mean infiniti right?

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Acura might not have been the best at keeping up with the “real” players in the luxury/premium market but they have been somewhat respectable unlike these 2.