Apple car key? Talk about dated technology

I’m not understanding the hype behind this feature that apple featured today. You can unlock and start your car remotely with your phone and the first car to offer this will be the 2021 BMW 5 series. please. More apple hype news.

I can do this with my key fob already, not only that but a BMW 5 series should offer this in their own BMW application.

I guess the benefit is that you don’t need to carry your car keys around any more, since it can also start the car. However, most people keep their car keys with their house key, so you’d still need the key chain regardless (most of the time).


I wonder how ubiquitious things like the August Smart Lock are at this point… I heard about it a few years ago, but not much since… sounds like this would be positioned well towards the fully digital crowd.

We had a Tesla test drive, the phone key is actually a pretty good selling point, @electric don’t you have a M3P any input?


The way remote functions work in current BMWs ( at least in my 2019 i3) is horrible. It takes more than 30 seconds for a command to execute and it fails more often than it completes. Any improvement over this is welcome news and Apple has a great track record of implementing software features even though the original idea does not belong to them.

Similar to why I find Apple Pay essentially useless… I still have to carry my drivers license (and two pieces of paper currency just in case). So the physical wallet is along for the ride anyway.

Plus since facial recognition was introduced it’s easier just to shove a card into the reader, vs going through the physical contortions required to bang the phone on the payment terminal until it’s recognized, aim the phone at my face, and then double-tap the button on the side of the device.

I’m not a Apple fan boy, but Apple Pay is more secure than using your credit card on most card readers.


Google pay is better, on my phone I unlock it (if I’m not using it already), wave it over the terminal and leave. It’s a much better seamless NFC experience that auto selects my default card, and does it automatically, the reach is actually decent too, even on my metal phones that aren’t glass backed.

This is coming from someone who’s bounced between apple and android ecosystems CONSTANTLY.

With zero liability for unauthorized credit card use, I honestly don’t care.


Some of us have no house keys either :joy:, I would be more worried about somebody cloning your phone and stealing your car tbh. Jaguar has a bracelet that you can wear as a key, pretty cool imo.

The only mobile phone I have is work-issued. Last time around I had a choice between an iPhone 8 or XR, and a Samsung Gorgonzola 6000 (or whatever it’s called).

I also have a work-issued tablet, and the only tablet they offer is an iPad, so it wouldn’t make sense to have an iPad and a Samsung phone. And a Windows laptop.

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Lot of tech fans I know use smart locks nowadays, so I could see them using this to consolidate their items into just keeping it all on the phone. I’m personally not a fan of relying on my phone for access to every important thing in my life, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed 100%. With tap to pay on most cards nowadays, it’s more convenient to use the physical card than fumble around opening the app on my phone. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Chase Pay, Google Pay, whatever…none of them have been very smooth.

Activity key looks super cool, but I know I would use it like once a year lol

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Yeah the activity key is gimmicky, maybe a card you could put in your wallet? Watch? Chain? The bracelet doesn’t look too bad but not sure how comfortable it would be or how it would fit with something like a suit or tux.

All is well till the phone runs out of battery. Can be a useful feature but we have to be wary of the pitfalls.

Edit: from what I’ve heard, BMW has been letting Android phones unlock + start the car for a while now (DigitalKey)


We talk about apple pay being secure blah blah blah blah. Nothing when it comes to payment systems is secure. There is always a flaw in the system . Hackers are always 9987 steps ahead.
As for using a credit card. I can guarantee you that at least 90% of people here have had their credit card hacked and used. I have and what do they do. Stop the charges and issue a new card. No big deal.

BMW does have the digital card key plus Samsung keys, but it’s been pretty hit or miss for me in terms of working, even when holding it right over the sensor in the handle. Had better luck using my phone CD app to unlock plus card key for actual usage.

Correct. A Samsung device that is not on Verizon will work as a key.

I have seen maybe 2 people since NFC was introduced using that payment method.

Interesting, any reason why it shouldn’t be on Verizon?

I have been told because of security reasons, which is why it has been slow to make its way to iPhone. I remember our corporate trainer telling us a few years ago it will be available soon on iPhone.