Apparently Honcker lets you make offers now?

Perhaps Honcker might have some more value around here now? Just got this in my email.

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Must be regional I didn’t get that email and do not see that feature. But looks interesting.

The email was sent 9 min ago

Either way, I do not have a lot of confidence overall in Honcker


I just received the email at 4:00 PM PST.

(And after I unsubscribed from their emails and deleted the app weeks ago)


I can’t wait for Honcker to add a “PLEASE PM DEALER INFO” button. That might put LH out of operation, or crash Honcker’s servers.


All that feature will do is give your contact info to the dealer so they can say “when can you come in to test drive this wonderful blahmobile?”


This literally defeats the purpose of Honcker. Their whole set was “lease a car in 2 clicks” or whatever. ie, take any negotiation out of it.

Now they’re adding a negotiation feature? huh?

They should add a feature that makes their numbers run correctly so changing from 10k to 12k doesn’t drop the monthly payment.


I noticed that. Also, I see now that a Jeep GC Laredo is like $600 all in, 36/12. Something is way off.

Once they add a negotiate feature, it defeats the entire purpose of the app bc now ppl aren’t confident its the dealer’s best offer.


Exactly now people will want to negotiate every offer and most likely ask for ridiculous numbers.

Honcker can’t even get dealers to honor the pricing. Not sure how well this is going to blow over.


You can only offer monthly payment you can’t change the down payment so it’s meaningless they can accept and then raise the down payment to make up the amount.


Still hitting the sauce after that caps cup last june, are we?


Change down lumber? I’m a wee bit confused?

assuming number*

HA! Thanks guys your comments gave me a good laugh!! I fixed it.

Dealerships pay lead-providers so I don’t think many would sign up to get silly lowball offers.

So this just popped up on mine and doesnt this mean the same as bait and switch now?

The lawyers are at work crafting language. Completely takes away from the ethos of idea

It’s the “dealer input” part that gets me. That means it can change for anything. This platform is becoming a joke.