Anyone with sciatica found a car/suv they can sit in for more than 40 minutes?

I have been having back problems (L5/S1) that result in me not being able to sit for more than 40 minutes without significant discomfort. Did an injection in late January and it had little to no effect.

I currently have a 2018 BMW M550i with, ironically, the comfort seats and adaptive suspension. Also own a 2019 BMW X3.

I imagine I’ll just have to ask for extended test drives at dealerships, but wondered if anyone else has gone through this process and can help shortcut the issue.

Rolls and Bentley suggestions will be promptly passive-aggressively ignored. :slight_smile:


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Volvo. Not an R-design (no extra side bolsters). In BMW i think it was only the 12-way adjustable I found comfortable, but more isn’t always better.

Get a good lumbar and butt cushion from Amazon to experiment with what you specifically need. Some people need lift to uncompress the nerve, some need their lower back repositioned. Some benefit from seat extension. Sometimes after 2 surgeries you still struggle unfortunately.


Bentley won’t solve your back issues in my opinion at least the last Gen Continental I’ve sat it for long drives. Maybe an e Class or higher level Mercedes may offer more options for adjusting your seat. I agree Volvo has been comfortable for long drives but at first it was difficult to get the right lumbar and seating position personally. I’ve only driven the current XC40 and XC90 inscription but I assume the seats are all similar in comfort.

If possible I’d suggest a rental or turo to pay to try different seats for your next car.


I have the 12way seats and it was agony after 45 minutes driving to LA from Vegas (ok, that’s agony enough, but this was in my back/leg).

I’ll have to look into the Volvo line. Thank you.

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Good idea on Turo.


Good luck.

Aside from a good mattress where you can elevate your feet when you sleep, the absolute game changer I recommend is an inversion recliner to self-decompress. Good luck!


Do you mean a “relax the back” store zero gravity recliner?

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I would never buy one from that particular robber barron (though my X Chair came from a place like that), but yes. Not the goofy massage pods that Costco sells, but Human Touch, Svago, one of those. laptop friendly, sometimes I work from it with my feet in the air.

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The new Palisade has some sort of seat motion function on the highest trim. It supposedly adjusts the seat constantly to keep you from sitting in position for long periods of time.

I’ve never actually tried it though. Try taking one on a long test drive, perhaps?


I would make sure it’s the more upgraded seats with the extension, even if it’s not extended. I feel a huge difference in the seats when I’m in a loaner with the “lesser” seats.


Try an M3 with bucket seats if you can tolerate the stiffness. My wife has back problems too and she loves the seat.


X5 w Massage Seat seems to do the trick for me.


What about finding a seat that works for you, then installing it in whatever vehicle you have?

An excuse to get a new M3? This is the kind of response I need! :joy:


I have wondered if an X5 would do the trick. The new x5 50e works for me. I’ll test one when the frenzy dies down.

I have the massaging seats in the m550i. Unfortunately they do not help.

BMW La-z-boy edition. I’m on it.

Frenzy never died on the 45e, 50e is gonna be even hotter.

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I have two herniated disks in my back L4/L5 and L5/S1. The main thing you can do to help alleviate the issue is to stretch and foam roll your psoriasis muscle (upper butt/ side). Until that’s loose, you’re going to have pain regardless of what seat you are in. Getting in and out of my S4 was incredibly painful for me and I swore off anything that wasn’t an SUV. Then I started stretching regularly and it mostly went away.