Anyone wanna do an Exotic Car Hack challenge?

Hey Guys!

I thought it may be fun to work on some exotic lease hacks together. Would anyone be down for that?


define exotic 20202020

Your main man is @phantomcypher. He wakes up when he sees Maybach, Ferrari, Maserati deals

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Haha @Phantomcypher - I never get tired of his responses. Sure- chime in everyone!

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i got you R8 v10 plus 210K MSRP for only 2495+tax with only 25k down 5k miles a year!

He just started looking for some cars for his uncles. The ones he listed are expensive and higher-end; however, I wouldn’t consider them exotics.

I’ll begin the hunting :grin:

You know those numbers are terrible and a Lambo deal can be had for half the amount (2.5k miles a year though).

Lambo deal for 1200? Count me in lol.

I know but “its an Audi” xD

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Subscribing to this thread. Would love to see some results.

Well looks like my uncle couldn’t wait and got a…wait for it…

TADA!!! Brand-new C63 AMG Cab

Who knows what he paid but I’ll find out.


It’s nice but I don’t think this classifies as an exotic… I haven’t started yet… been lazy… who wants to go first? My advice is checking out the swapalease on the vehicle you are researching and use those to get an idea what the monthly should be. (Reverse engineer the lease to $0 down if needed.)

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Best exotic “hack” recently I think would be the NSX lease.

Just prior to the NSX deals I signed for what is likely the cheapest exotic out there, the Mercedes AMG GT. Hard to compare apples to oranges, but essentially got a 121K sticker car for about $1500/month prior to taxes. Not quite 1%, but its a fun car to drive.


Oh yeahhhh I forgot about the NSX. But yeah next in line would definitely be the Mercedes GT since they take MSDs!

mmm that C63 is sexy

I did come through last year with that Maybach deal that @Phantomcypher almost jumped on. Residual changed days later and made the deal no good. $204k for $130K i think if I remember correctly.

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Let me get details on that. I literally drive 4 min from my office and have 3 cars to do it in lol damn leasehacking.

I love the BENZ GT; do you have details on the lease ?

If the i8 counts as an exotic, then no one (except me) is beating my sub $450/month with only MSDs and inceptions due at signing deal. :innocent::sunglasses: