High Performance Convertible Lease

Looking for my 2 uncles they want 2 high performance convertibles.

Budget is between $800-$1200 (incl. taxes), $0 down

Looking for 2+2 no roadsters so M4, M6, C63, E cab, S cab, Granturismo, etc.

What’s the best deal(s) on high performance convertibles out there now?

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Best deals seem to be on jag f types

those aren’t 2+2 202020

Just buy a Used M6… They can be had for ~50k with low miles… That’s what I did…

Ah, misread. Thought I saw no 2+2

Highly doubt with a max budget of 1200 any of your desired models are attainable without heavy money down

since you are considering S cab which I assume is the 550 version, would a 650i or C43 be adequate? I would think the performance is similar but won’t be as luxurious. would probably fall into the payment range. Otherwise I think M4 could be had under $1200, maybe the E cab if not 63

“High performance” and “convertible sedan” don’t belong together.

But I digress. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t manny get a killer deal on an Scab?

Let’s face it, half these cars aren’t high performance. So why not a 440 or 650?

You can do wheels, Coilovers and/or a 3M vinyl wrap if standing out from the crowd is what’s really important

The cab deal that @mani_is_kool has is probably not easily replicated. That car is b0n3r material.

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Best to wait till end of year or pick up an 2018 in early 2019. E-cab should be under $1200. What you think @Siejammy ?

Yea if we are talking a regular old E300/400 can you can swing something now. E63 is going to run in the higher end of that range I would bet.

@Phantomcypher do you guys have fleet, loyalty or anything particular with any of these brands? MB cash seems to be pretty small on their cars at the moment and I imagine the M4/6 don’t get much either.