Anyone recently get any pricing on the 2019 Ram 1500?

Looking for a Ram Laramie. MF is almost zero and residuals are good. Does anyone know if there is a better time of the year to lease a ram? I’m just wondering if incentives will improve in Nov-Dec. Until I get something I am a one car household.

I’m in the same boat as you, though I’m leaning more towards the Big/Long Horn trim as that seems to be the sweet spot for lease deals.
From what I’ve seen FCA is still making and selling the old body style Rams along with the new body style. Both are listed as 2019 which can be confusing.
I’ve been waiting for the new eTorque systems, which has gotten good reviews. But I have not seen any of them on dealer lots yet.

Seems like the e-torque isn’t worth the money. BH has better numbers but marginally. Laramie is close but limited is way high.

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I was targeting a V6 etorque, but they were just hitting the lots in my region and discounting was paltry. I think their mpg hopes ended up being slightly less than expected so they cant claim clear mpg superiority.

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Dealers in my area are advertising 13-15k off Hemi trucks

I have seen similar, but the purchase incentive is $4k more than the lease one (and some of that 14k was incentives only 5 people qualify for). That 4k difference is an extra $115 per month on a 36 month lease.

Wow thats new. Is it particular trims maybe still being produced on the old body style?

2019 Ram 1500 “Classic”

I think it’s a factory retooling exercise as well. They offer some lower trims in the old body style, call it 2019 “classic” and then when more production capacity comes online for the new body style, they will eliminate “classic”.

Doesn’t seem to be production issues or supply issues for Michigan. Most dealers have hundreds of the new models on the lots.

Some info on the “Classic”. They may be producing it for a while (i.e. Well into the 2019 calendar year)…

I saw a 2019 Classic with the Express Black package, looked really sharp. Dealer was selling it for $30k, I think the sticker price was $42k. I hadn’t thought about getting a Classic but if it’s a good lease deal I think I would do a 2 year lease. I’ve searched Edmunds but can’t find any info on Classic lease numbers. I’ll contact the dealer and see what they come up with.

i got it last month for 323 a month with 1000 down payment msrp almost 60 grand

Where at? Was it a Laramie?

Can’t just make a claim like that. Let’s see some numbers!


They make them in Warren … lol

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I’ll go to the factory and snag one!

As far as I know the best thing in Warren is Del Taco. Hahah

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what do you mean you wanna see some numbers that mean im lying

I think he wants to see how they got there. IE: discounts, rebates, flex cash ect

i had e discount plus returning lease the sales man didnt care about the price he just wanna sale as much as he can so he can get the bones at the end of the month, he can put the price without going back to his manger

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